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  1. facing scope from behind. mount on left side.. if your using the one arm bandit.. failed sounds like this might be the issue..
  2. cant seem to find the edit .. PS... the ribbon sockets are 2 types... center of the plug lifts up some the whole clip lifts up.... no idea why 2 types of clips.. sooo becarefull
  3. take your time... lay down a old new paper or a paper of some sort. dont use a towel.... it has lint.. all that work and you snap a image to find lint.. i dont think it would be fun i did my 450. my 1100 hasnt spoke to me yet to be moded... its easy "IF" you take your time.. if you feel any ANY grrrrr .... step off it .. leave it .. when reseatin the ribon wires.. use a toothpick they have lil holes in the cables... go slow go easy ... this is NOT a fast thing.. iam glad i did my 450.. it works great..
  4. nothing i guess. admins can delete. no reason to waste space .. thank you
  5. love a link for 20 bucks... every place i see there 36 bucks and up .. some site tryin to get 130 bucks for one ..
  6. and yes in sidereal... HC is updated as of last nite also
  7. iam having tracking issues.. AVX mount Orion 80x600 edapo dslr. thats all on the mount . RA is very very stiff.. Dec is smooth as butter... to balance in RA is will not good at all.. to me iam leaning towards something bent or to tight in RA that is cozing my issue.. this image shows what i call a SKIP.... its from top to bottom when it happens.. i have had this set to speeds 1 upto 5. weight is 11 pounds. 5 inchs from bottom of shaft. had it up closer . try to balance on the fly. nothing.. but as i stated RA is very very very stiff ... i removed the so called clutch lever. and the little push thing inside. and still the same.. stiff .. it seems 100 secs is long as i can get. if i try 120 secs. no go.. every other image is off. no mater how i try and how hard i try polar display is 00.40 and 00.25 even with it at .09 and .05 .. still same .. at a lose here ??????
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