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  1. Hi @PhilPassmore and welcome to SGL ... from another Phil or Philip.
  2. Hi Neil... a left handed drill bit is turning anti-clockwise. They look the same as your 'typical' right hand drill bits, apart from direction of the flutes when you look at them side-by-side. Theoretically the drill bit 'bites' the metal of the grub screw anti-clockwise to undo it and if it has enough 'bite', it should follow the screw thread and come out.
  3. Yes! I am going to have to drill out the offending grub screw on my ETX105 focus knob with a left-handed drill bit. I got my drill bit from the well known auction site within a few days of ordering.
  4. I have use and one of these... via a well known auction site. note: I would not recommend you use the eyepiece holder with heavy e/p's. Just unscrew it and attach to your chosen e/p. There are four parts in total, including one locking screw (not shown). And I have and use one of these... for my 2" eyepiece.
  5. Hi @TonyOwe73242661 and welcome to SGL. The locking ring can be removed as the crosshair wires are sometimes glued into grooves in the barrel. It was on the one I had... lost it somewhere or let someone borrow it and/or they failed to return it.
  6. I give my e/p's a light-wipe clean and at the end of every session. After a night session if they are dewed up, I leave then on the kitchen worktop, re-attach 'scope to mount, all caps off, go to bed and leave to 'dry' and clean them when I am awake and alert. They get a clean maybe once or twice a year.
  7. Hi again @arjunv and thank you. A few things I forgot to mention when observing with a catadioptric 'scope from the balcony would be better, because... you will be behind the 'scope with a Mak or SCT, not at the side as with a 'Newtonian'. the image through the e/p is right way up, left and right are reversed. whether dew is or not an issue in Abu Dhabi or the rest of the Middle East, I don't know, but purchasing a dew shield will help in reducing stray light and improving some contrast. every now and again, wind the focus in & out a few times as this will help spread the grease/lubricant along the baffle tube. when in storage, ensure you store it objective end up. You do not what that grease/lubricant dripping onto the corrector plate/menicuis cell when it is hot. Now for some eyepiece and filter advice, etc... don't buy a set of eyepieces because it is at a special price when purchased as a bundle with the 'scope. I used to be anti-zoom e/p. Having one in you 'scope case/bag can give you an idea of what to expect for a fixed length when you decide to purchase individual ones later on. Plossl e/p's are the most popular type supplied [usually 25mm and/or 10mm] and have an AFOV of 50deg. BST StarGuider's are 60deg., (here in GB/UK, new BST StarGuider's retail for about £50.00GBP per unit), and you may find these are better for DSO's. Then there are the types offered with 'exotic' names by other manufacturers. Many years ago I observed M31, (Andromeda Galaxy), with with an ETX125, (not mine), at a star party and a Plossl, it filled the eyepiece. Put in a e/p with wider FOV and it gave a better and more rewarding view. some filters do improve things. The most popular ones I use are UHC, OIII and Neodymium. For the Moon I use a variable polarising filter. Some light pollution filters 'do work' though not with LED street lighting. I sometimes use colour filters for the planets.
  8. Hi @arjunv and welcome to SGL. A few benefits of getting a catadioptric 'scope are... long focal length 'scope in a short tube. excellent for lunar and planetary observing/viewing. can be used for other outdoor moobes/pursuits. can get away as 'carry-on' baggage at the airport... pack the tripod and mount in the suitcase. hardly ever require collimation. Below are some images of my 're-modded' ETX105...
  9. Somewhere in my apartment is my 'Go-Pro' clone... the battery is still installed!
  10. Hi @Gondalf and welcome to SGL. I think it depends on what you intend to view, budget, light pollution, transport, weight, etc. I personally enjoy viewing the Sun, Moon and planets. Below are images of my 'scopes... ...they are: TeleVue Ranger, Meade ETX105, and Celestron C6/SCT. Below images of my Meade ETX105. note: the rear backplate replaced the rear plastic flip-mirror cell and Jubilee/hose rings attach the dovetail bar.
  11. I use Kenable or Lindy for my audio/video cables... or via EXpro if buying from well known auction/warehouse sites.
  12. A UHC and/or OIII filter certainly make the fine details of nebulae and DSO's 'jump out'. For planetary views, I use a Neodymium or a variable polarising filter.
  13. Had a nice 'white light' visual session of forty minutes when I got home from work this afternoon and showed my neighbour that lives below me.
  14. Hi @Giles_B and welcome to SGL. I find that using a UHC and/or OIII do improve viewing for DSO's. That said, I also use a Neodymium, (my 'Swiss-Army' knife filter), is my most used filter and I live in Bortle 6 skies.
  15. I never get fed up using my 20+ year-old TeleVue Ranger. Small, compact, light, aircraft carry-on friendly and with the bonus of mounting on a camera/photo tripod with a lightweight alt/az head.
  16. I don't think I have enough experience, but I will reply/contribute lanyway... Many SGL'ers are TeleVue fans, myself included... as per the two Nagler's in my signature [image below], I have a few others which are listed below... Nagler 3-6mm zoom Radain 6mm Plossl 15, 13 & 8mm My 'one-to-many' TeleVue 13mm e/p's... left: 13mm 'smoothside' Plossl centre: 13mm Nagler Type 1 right: 13mm Nagler Type 6 I have not used or owned any Explore Scientic e/p's... so no comment... ...but I do like their boxes. I prefer to use a variable polarising filter. I tend to prefer the Exploure Scientic UHC over their CLS and their OIII is good for visual in my opinion if you are on a budget. Another contender is the Baader Plantetarium Neodymium. This is my 'Swiss-Army' knife filter for most of the time.
  17. Fantastic image @HoneyBadger-231 I have difficulty holding my phone over the e/p for three seconds [and I am not physically impaired]... but for thirty seconds... wow!
  18. Hi @900SL and welcome to SGL.
  19. Hi @PigzMightFly and welcome to SGL. Don't forget to purchase a dew shield... They are a must have accessory for any catadioptric 'scope. BTW - the image is my 're-modded' ETX105 [with dew shield].
  20. Hi @HoneyBadger-231 and welcome to SGL. You are not alone, as I too have and use a 7-21mm zoom e/p. Many tend to opt for an 8-24mm zoom e/p... especially the Baader Hyperion III or IV... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/baader-planetarium/baader-hyperion-zoom-eyepiece.html For high power views, I use the TeleVue 3-6mm Nagler zoom.
  21. I know many do complain and moan about the undercut on e/p's. But it is not only TeleVue that have them... I have them on my Circle-T 12.5 & 6mm Ortho's too. There is no escape from them. Same here too!
  22. Hi @Theoldseadog78 and welcome to SGL.
  23. Bump #2… PM sent last Sunday. ** RECEIVED **
  24. I know they exist and I was trying to add a little humour... but at £1500GBP and limited to 300 pieces worldwide... they may as well be 'mythical'.
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