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    the Tupolev Tu-154/x (NATO name: 'Careless') * shortwave radio listening SWL/DX * Hi-Fi * ukulele * yo-yo * frisbee * kite flying *
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    somewhere between... 51.43N, -0.93W
  1. PM sent. I have been looking around for one of these to accompany my SkyWatcher 28mm.
  2. Hello @andcar/Andrea and welcome to SGL.
  3. At least I can honestly say, to date, I have visually viewed two Transits of Mercury and one of Venus.
  4. Hi @DandD2014 and welcome to SGL. Here are some useful resources/accessories... Stellarium - it's free for most OS desktops/laptops - also available for mobile OS devices for a small fee. Turn Left at Orion:... (also available on 'Kindle') - by Guy Consolmagno & Dan M. Davis. Tri-Atlas - a free .PDF download star atlas in three volumes - WARNING! it fills a CD-ROM if you download and save it on one. sites offering free .PDF files of DSO charts, i.e. Messier, Caldwell, etc. a red light/torch to preserve your night-vision - (even a rear bicycle LED light will do, as long it is not flashing).
  5. Thinking of selling my beloved Vixen GP mount and tripod + one declination weight and Astro Engineering side-by-side dual mounting bar as shown below. £200.00 o.n.o + P&P - UK buyers only. ('scopes not included).
  6. What annoys me is that today is Remembrance Sunday and yet people in their back gardens are still letting off fireworks. Obviously these people have no respect or sense to the brave military servicemen & servicewomen and civilian forces that have sacrificed their lives; whether alive, wounded or died in all war conflicts past and present.
  7. Hi @Praseodyymi and welcome to SGL. Must be a Europe-wide phenomena. I Cannot remember the last time I had my 'scopes out! - then again shift work at LHR here in Southern England does not guarentee clear skies on my rest days.
  8. I use either or both at the same time with my Lunt wedge. The ND3.0 is built in to it, (any attempt to remove or modify it, voids the 'lifetime' guarentee/warranty).
  9. If you use a star diagonal, do you use 1.25" or 2" ? - if 2" then I would recommend one with the SCT fitting, (as shown in the images below), attached to my 're-modded' ETX 105 and to a f6.3 focal reducer/field flattener.
  10. I am on a rest day, but Clear Outside app, (and other weather apps), visibilty does does not look good... ...either or from my location.
  11. Couldn't agree more. My TeleVue Ranger, (it is 70mm), has the same qualities as @Rob Sellent says about his TV76.
  12. Hi @tmsantiago and welcome to SGL.
  13. Thank you! - I will get back to you over the weekend if it is going to be suitable for my finderscope if it has not sold.
  14. I do love these Explore Scientific filter boxes...


  15. Yikes! - one LED streetlight and two spotlights, (...or two insecure neighbours).
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