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  1. I just can't wait to get a DOB!

  2. Welcome WobbleSkipper, fantastic advice hints and tips on here the members are great, this is the place to be as an amiture astrominer
  3. That's great Twiggles I can't wait to get a nice image like this one day
  4. WOW Stu they are fantastic pic's!
  5. Had my first glimpse of Jupiter tonight bright white with three just as bright moons very exciting. I used my Celestron Astromaster 70 AZ not the best of scopes but I am able to set up and have a quick viewing session and gave me the the enthusiasm to get out of the house and into the freezing cold again lol. Can't wait for summer tho! Pic was taken with an iphone soz not so great... Anyone else got a pick of Jupiter this month please post
  6. If these clouds don't clear i'm going to go mad!

  7. Andromeda was my 3rd DSO to find and it was a little elusive but when I found it I had no problems finding it again just like riding a bike oh and used Bins before finding it with my scope soooooooo much easier
  8. Hi and welcome to SGL I know the feeling just started a few months ago started with a small astromaster 70AZ and a few weeks later got some big Binos, eyepieces, a bigger scope and now I am looking into an even bigger 10" Dob. The other half is not happy!
  9. Nope but I would love to see one apparently when they are low and close enough you can hear a crackle from it burning up in the atmosphere!
  10. I tried to find it when it was just north of the moon with my Binos but it was a wash out
  11. When I started a few month ago I really enjoyed learning the map of the moon and then started general stargazing and learning the constellations
  12. Would have to be my 20x80 Bins great views of the milky way and no need to carry around a tripod
  13. Yeah I would say to make sure it is dry and take the cover off each day to keep it critter free and help with condensation, dust etc.
  14. I would say to get http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-astromaster-series/celestron-cosmos-lt-60az.html and This is a link to the FLO (First Light Optics) thread Have fun and try not to get to confused with all the scopes keep it simple
  15. Oh right I have been looking around for groups around me
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