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  1. I enjoyed the episodes so far, however i still feel that they should of shown of what people can actually see through a telescope, especially DSO's, because when they were talking about sky pollution one of people mentioned "my children ask why they can't see things that are in the magazine" when in actual fact it's because it's taken with the hubble or over long exposure time, im not nit picking i just feel they should give the right information to the audience and shown how these images can be captured. Black holes were right up my street as i love cosmology, when they were is South Africa one the questions asked was why are stars dying i though this was based on "second law of thermodynamics" anything that uses energy the energy cannot be re-used. i.e. when the sun uses all it's hydrogen the sun will eventually die as the energy cannot be reused, and as all stars do this it becomes a higher rate of entropy this will cause a heat death.
  2. Yep that's Andromeda, unfortunately full moon has made it hard to see any DSO's, dont expect photographic images as they were taken over long exposures, what you see is the bright core and the galaxy is about 4-6 moons in diameter, but at the same time im gob smacked we can see a galaxy 2 million light years away. Gotta love astronomy
  3. Thanks Russ, i was using the barlow, not an easy to get into FOV, it was alot of tweaking between gain and shutter speed to get the correct detail. To hold it in the shot i had to gently push down on the scope. Wavelets did help with the detail but quite turbulent where i live.
  4. opps wrong thread, pls could you move this to imaging ta
  5. Hey guys finally got to get a good image of Jupiter, using wxastro-capture over 300 frames, x2 barlow. this was done by lowering the gain but increasing the shutter speed. all comments welcome http://stargazerslounge.com/%3Ca%20href=http://img42.imageshack.us/i/jupiterx.png/%20target=_blank%3E'>http://stargazerslounge.com/%3Ca%20href=http://img42.imageshack.us/i/jupiterx.png/%20target=_blank%3Ehttp://stargazerslounge.com/
  6. i have the problem which you shown in the 3rd image a white blob,
  7. Hey Guys anyone see Uranus not that far from Jupiter last nite, it was a small blue blob lol
  8. Yeah this full moon has stopped me looking for deep sky viewing. tonight is the night for 100% full moon rising at 16.52 pm, so hopefully it wont be full in the sky untill midnight, which means should get some good views.
  9. well i was thinking HEQ5 with Goto, but have to save pennies first. Unguided dobs and imaging don't go to well, is there any way i could zoom out on the Spc 880 electronically, i tried the moon last weekend and i could only get a small section of the moon.
  10. thanks for the response guys, problem with jupiter is that once you get it in the FOV it moves across soo quickly, and using a manual guide if you push it too much it's gone from view, it's light and im mean light nudges. i will leave out to collimation for an hour.
  11. Hey Guys I recently brought myself Spc880 Webcam which has been flashed to the 900, however im having problems getting the detail of jupiter, im using wxstastro capture software and once i get jupiter in the field of view it shows as a white blob, Using the gain on the Spc900 launch bar it only stops jupiter shining like a star. i used registrax 4 and tried stacking my 300 frames, also tried wavelet, but didnt bring out the detail Im using the IR/UV cut filter, to get jupiter into focus i have to bring the focuser almost all the way in. anyone have any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Dave
  12. it's so he can see into the future
  13. This is typically the most frustrating time, just brought myself a webcam Spc880 and only had 1 1/2 clear night's of viewing, im hoping this weekend will be sunny so i could do some solar viewing, also get out and get some night imaging, this week we see the full moon.
  14. I have made a DIY one myself. Using 2x Toilet Roll With SW 200P you get the top lid with 2 Holes, with caps. took about an hour to make. all i need know is the Sun.
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