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    Sutton, Surrey UK
  1. figofan

    Hi from England

    Hello Larry and welcome to SGL!
  2. Hello Mark and welcome to the forum!
  3. Thanks for posting the article, will be handy in the future!
  4. Thanks for pics, now I know what Lunar X and V are
  5. figofan


    I still remember my own aaawwwwssss!!! from when I was a kid...One of the best memories of my childhood without a doubt! Well done!
  6. Hello and welcome to SGL! You have a nice piece of scope in your hands! Enjoy it!
  7. Hello Daniel! Welcome to SGL! You will have some amazing looks at the skies, hope one day you can share with us some pics or videos, I love watching fellow astronomers work, makes me feel good to see people's great efforts to try to show the rest of us what really is out there and how it looks. Clear skies!
  8. Have you guys heard about it before? It does look amazing! I wish I could ever have a chance to see it for myself in the future....Somebody is going to be a very, very, very happy astronomer in Chile. Can you guys imagine the quality of images we will be able to see with it? Ohhh dreams. http://www.sciencedaily.com/videos/dd947821da4ea575acd27a5b6f856c77.htm Clear skies!
  9. I nearly got mine yesterday from Ebay but somebody snap it from me... Oh well I always give myself comfort thinking that technology will improve in the meantime and I will be able to buy a better scope for the same amount in the near future
  10. Hi Welcome to SGL...That is exactly the scope I am after...need to save some more but getting there . Clear skies!!
  11. Welcome dejson! Your story is exactly like yours only that I live in the susburbs of London (plenty of light pollution and planes) and I do not have a little princess like you I also was thinking of buying the same telescope but I rather learn a bit more about constellations and find suitable places to look and then see if I need portability or I can buy a bigger one... Enjoy the forum!
  12. figofan

    SGL 11 - Dates :)

    Thanks Davey-T !
  13. Which telescope should I buy?

    1. xtreemchaos


      hi mate,you should ask in getting Started Equipment Help and Advice sec ,put how much you want to spend,you will get more help there. charl.

    2. jayxjay


      I agree with you xtreem

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