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  1. Hi I think I'd prefer both of the previos posts - maybe two moons but one larger than the other with differing colours and if possible a 'dimmer' switch to turn them down when needing to do some deep space stuff. I remember looking at an artists impression when I was a young boy (many years ago) which had the two moons as I said before... looked pretty inspiring.
  2. Hi and welcome to SGL - dodging rain is all part of the fun, but this last few months is becoming a pain... Cheers, Len
  3. Thanks for sharing, great catch. Lucky you for getting to see some sun too...
  4. Hi. Only one word I could think of when I saw this - awesome - thanks for sharing. Cheers, Len
  5. Hi I was looking at this again and wondered if you thought or imaging the section of sky again to see what you get. Don't think its a satellite/plane and definitely not a meteorite. It certainly looks Nebulous/Galaxy'ish though... Be interesting to see if its still there or not. Cheers, Len
  6. Hi and welcome from to SGL from another 'Len' but from Swansea (born Cardiff though)...
  7. Wasn't there a whale in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!! Len
  8. It was an interesting radio show, Buzz Aldrin looks well too. One day, humans will make it, I tend to agree with Buzz Aldrin that it'll probably won't be one space agency by itself although it could be a space race all over again. Len
  9. Hi & welcome to SGL from a wet, but slowly improving Swansea, UK Len
  10. I'm outside at the moment, clear skies in Swansea... Will keep watching. Thanks, Len
  11. Hi, Thanks for posting, gives me some information to get down to four/five good eyepieces as the Mak 127 I've just purchased came with nine eyepieces 2mm to 20mm plus 2x Barlow. Cheers, Len
  12. Hi and welcome to SGL. Len
  13. Bore da, Welcome to SGL, you have lovely skies there which I'm sure you'll enjoy. Len
  14. Can now power my SW Mak 127 by battery, making it really portable. From FLO, a Tracer LiPol 12v 14Ah power pack and from Astronomiser (as recommended by FLO), a really good quality power supply cable delivered today... All I need now are cloudless nights and getting used to the two star alignment process, after countless years of aligning to North using a compass, etc... Len
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