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  1. sometimes if my flats arent powerful enough i will copy layer add a median then apply it over the original image and subtract to a threshhold of 35 pxls it is a RAW file converted to 16BIT and when my screen was turned down in the field i forgot to correct it on photoshop so it looked deep hahahah
  2. thankyou =] it was a [removed word] up on my part i use photoshop cs 6 and deep sky stacker , but i used an artificial flat instead of the actual flat as my files were confused and my gamma on my monitor screen didnt show it up at the time , and realised when i got home , i edited it at 3 am so it was totally me being an tired idiot hahahah im going to correct it tomorrow thankyou xc
  3. widefield of Cassiopeia last night from Heywood labelled all of the clusters and the more obvious ngc's double exposure canon 7d Canon EF50 prime UNTRACKED2x 10 sec exposures ISO 800 f1.8 plus 2 dark frames at same exposure settings and 2 bias frames at 8000th sec camera cooled to around 10 degrees C
  4. Lewis Mark  Williams


    a general album of telescope and prime dslr lens DSO's
  5. If thats your first attempt i think your second attempt may blow my brain !! Excellent !!!!!
  6. oooh sounds hazy =[ last night up in lancashire the air was like glass ! and i can see the sun setting now without a sight of cloud anywhere x hope you have a crystal night x
  7. So another night of fantastic transparency and low pickering tonight coupled with a low illuminated moon with a late rise Means only one thing !!! Happy gazing everyone !!! Look forward to all your posts later and tomorrow.
  8. Nw enhland is forecast remarkable skies again tomight so will deffo push ISO up later!!
  9. thankyou very much i appreciate it ! =D hopefully will try and get the motor back on my EQ soon ! its driving me mad ! thanks again will try it tonight x
  10. thankyou for that mate ! yeah ill consider going f4 next time on my 50mm and using more lights x thanks again !
  11. Last night i shot some widefields my motor on my EQ mount is out of action so got mu regular Camera tripod and shot away whilst moving it ever so slightly towards RA wish i had more data but untracked was proving difficult =] 20 lights @10 secs ISO800 f2 20darks @ same settings 20 bias @ 8000th sec ISO 800
  12. Holy cow ive just read your entire post Thats some vast improvement !!!! Excellent work !
  13. Hey guys A lovely night here in north England tonight Temp is 10•c which is good for my camera tonight I put the kettle on and began setting up my equatorial mount in the kitchen and mounted my canon 40d (modded) onto a dovetail mount without te telescope tonight shooting some widefield skies . I went out and gave the camera a good 20mins to cool with the outside and proceeded to click in my 50mm prime I shot 20 light frames , 20 dark frames @iso 400 @10secs f1.8 And then using same iso and apeture shot 20 bias at 8000th sec the pickering was at a minimal tonight with good transparency , At the end of my session out came auriga and m45 pleaides cluster Which got me excited as im dyig to get at that open cluster for its reflection nebula ! As the moon hasnt arrived yet in the sky it was lovely to see some faint milkyway above me as aquila and sagittarius sank and a few hoots from some tawny owls ! Thats all from me ! Hopefully widefield pics to be uploaded tomorrow
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