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  1. Hello all, iv been interested in astronomy for 3 years now, and have recently bought some kit to get me started, it would be great to meet some like minded people to help me on my way... however, im struggling to find any star parties that happen around the south? Do they happen regularly around here? I have no issues driving 100 miles each way if necessary (which it is to find less light polluted areas :/ )
  2. Just browsing as you do... check out the second picture.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141886182600?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D141886182600%26_rdc%3D1
  3. How many rotations does the focuser on yours travel from start to finish? I'm pretty sure mine doesn't stop?
  4. Hello everyone, iv recently purchased a celestron nexstar8 which I'm still eager to lug around at every opportunity, however I would have far more opportunities to use a pair of binoculars A pair of binoculars would also be quite handy for my other hobby - target rifles, so I kinda have two reasons to buy some binos.... I shoot anywhere out to 600 yards with intentions of going out to 1000 yards this year, the binos will be bought primarily for stargazing though. With this in mind, and say £100 budget, what would you recommend?
  5. Good evening everyone, I saw the opportunity of clear skies and low humidity Thursday evening so I grabbed my newly purchased nexstar 8i and went out hunting for a clear open space in the middle of nowhere After using the 3 star align feature on my nexstar80 gtl with no problems I was confident that setting this scope up would be a breeze Turns out this scooe's alignment features I are different. It has either an 'auto' feature or two star alignment. Since my phones battery was almost dead I decided against using the auto feature with long/lat details and opted for the two star alignment.
  6. So if I'm going to get some better eyepieces, just how much better would 2" be for me over 1.25" on a celestron nexstar8?
  7. Sounds like I'm nearly ready to join you all in waiting for the skies to clear then! Iv got some old 'Velcro on' motorcycle heated grips with damaged cables that I could turn into a heater strip for a heated dew shield, I think they were approx 1amo each (@12v), they could be controlled with a variable resister if necessary. With regards to the optics, there is an unfortunate finger print on the corrector plate. Iv done nothing about it so far, but I am starting to get a fair collection of optics now (x2 rifle scopes, spotting scope, 3" refractor and this 8sct, plus all the eyepieces) and I'
  8. I can't believe how fast the advice on this forum arrives, it's outstanding! Iv never been keen on the idea of using a Barlow, simply as it's just another optic the light has to pass through, saying that, I was given one with this scope (it appears to be a x2 unbranded hence why I didn't mention it) It certainly sounds like spending more on better eyepieces than those found in box sets is advisable then? What sort of magnifications are commonly found useful? My inexperience means I'm not sure what will be needed for different objects. Iv technically got 25mm and 10mm celestron eyepieces howe
  9. Good evening all, I have purchased an early nexstar 8 (silver tube), it has come with the original 40mm celestron eyepiece and nothing more. I would like a few more eyepieces for it so first of all may I get some recommendations? The celestron 1.25" kit comprising of 32, 17, 13, 8 and 6 with filters looks interesting but I know nothing about the quality... My experience so far is only what I have read and use of an 80mm celestron refractor so I'm eager to see what this 8 can do. I live in the middle of a housing estate with a street lamp ruining any chances of using the garden so the pla
  10. Hi all, I'm still yet to buy my next scope however while I'm happy with technical details on the OTA's I'm still a little confused on the differences between certain equatorial mounts. I'm in no rush to buy at the moment, and I'm definitely looking to buy a used set up, so I'm restricted to what comes up on the second hand market. As I'm looking for a used unit, I'm a little put off by goto systems on a fork or single arm mount in case anything goes wrong with them! I'm particularly interested in eq mounts that support optional motors, so if the motors pack up I can revert back to manual cont
  11. I must admit the idea of dso imaging does sound like it would be of interest, I understand how an eq mount works in favour over all.alz mounts (and of course tracking or 'go to' mounts), what else should I be considering if imaging is a way I would want to go?
  12. With regards to the c8, how can you tell how old it is? Has there been different revisions released? Also, would i be right in guessing the eq5 mount is more stable than a standard mount on a nexstar 8? (For what its worth im looking at an eq5 syncscan mount) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. How much would you value a good condition nexstar8 (se) at? And the same again for a c8 with a skywatcher eq5 mount?
  14. Hello all, iv been interested in astronomy for about 2 years now and I have spent many a night reading up on the hobby and trying to learn what I can for when I'm able to afford to buy a telescope (which I'm now about ready to do) I figure 90% of what il learn will be from actual experience, however I have a quick question to do with focal ratios Is there an advantage of using say an 8" f/5 at say 100x over using an 8" f/10 at 100x assuming factors to do with quality are matched and that the eye piece is not letting the f/5 down. Also, how would the apparent field of view be effected between t
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