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  1. I was just checking my images, it’s the first time I’ve used fits lib and thought oh why is it showing clipped pixels. I was looking at the linear histogram and thinking the offset is set to low. It has come about from trying different exposures and gains and want to make sure I have enough offset when I start changing gain values
  2. Thanks for that, it is a raw image. I will check the associated dark subs I have taken. What should the background level be set to? I think fit lib is on default settings
  3. Not sure how they would handle been outside with dew etc.
  4. There is plenty to choose from I am currently imaging the spider nebula IC417. Well not this week as I have a week of clouds forecast
  5. Hi folks, please help. I am experimenting with fits liberator to find the correct offset for my camera. This is a screen shot of an image using the default gain and offset. The blue dots as i understand it are showing the clipped black pixels.So am i correct in thinking I need a higher offset? I believe i do especially when looking at the histogram. Could someone with experience of this confirm. Thanks in advance
  6. Last year I upgraded from dslr to a dedicated camera. After a lot of head scratching I went to mono, namely a 183mm. It has brought my imaging on in great leaps although I am still learning. One of my iterating habits with my dslr was image hopping. I would end up with loads of different targets on my pc with little data on each target and not a great deal to show for it. Mono has forced me to pick a target and stick with it over several nights to collect a good amount of data, which in turn I now spend more time processing that one image. I bought some narrowband filters as well which has bee
  7. Yes I think they can give bloated stars, what make of filter are you using?
  8. I can’t really comment on suggestions to the above as I am a mere beginner with pixinsight but have you tried stacking your images in a different program, APP or DSS. See if you get the same results. This will narrow it down to your issue
  9. There are many like it but this is my Elephant trunk, looks more like a ghostly figure to me though. Shot with AA183MM, SW72ED and processed in pixinsight. Please feel free to give me any pointers for improving this image, all greatly received.
  10. Thanks Martin, in my latest image the amp glow is not evident to my eyes. Same settings in Wbpp. Darks matched and optimise darks unchecked. It’s only evident in the Sii image of the bubble neb.
  11. The play is in the dec axis, I literally spent hours adjusting it until I got it the best I could. It guides very well so I’m not going to fiddle anymore. Part of the axis has no play and part has a just noticeable amount. I can live with it and can get reliable 5 minute subs from it.
  12. Should be good for a field test now
  13. It’s got to be smooth if it’s tight it will feel rough, try it by hand and then use the hand controller to rotate. Listen for changes in motor pitch but if you turn it by hand with little resistance it should be good
  14. You don’t have to strip it down. My point is , even with new bearings and grease i couldn’t eliminate all the back lash. Don’t assume that you will be able to get it totally backlash free. A smooth rotation with slight backlash is better than it running with tight spots and binding
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