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  1. I'm simply thinking out loud now but regarding LP and other factors are there better months for observing throughout the year? I guess I'm only really talking about here in the UK? Is winter more suited than summer for example? Jon
  2. That's great, thank you, Chris. I'll certainly check them out or at the very least ping them an email to say hi. Jon
  3. Dave, I'm usually quite impulsive but from what I read this isn't something to step into lightly but the benefits are huge. I've always been fascianted by the universe and now was just the right time to pursue what may become an obsession. Thank you so much for the links, I took a quick look at Stellarium a few weeks ago but no more than that. based on your shameless plug I'll get this installed tonight and take a look. Being an IT geek I'll hopefully get my head around it. Thank you so much for your help and links, truly appreciated. Jon
  4. Wow, thank you all so much for your replies. This truly is a helpful and insightful forum. Jambouk, to be completely honest that is the first time I've heard of the term "astronomical dark" but thank you for the links. Looking at my location I would only have to travel 10-20miles to get away from all the light pollution in the area. Thank you. Beanersa, I was actually in awe when I looked up, I had never really seen such a clear sky. It could've been my imagination or maybe because I;m starting to find my way around the skies but I swear I could make out the Milky Way, faint at best but st
  5. Hi all, As the title suggests I am a complete noob to this hobby. I recently purchased a SkyWatcher 130p telescope to go exploring the skies. The first time I took it out, really to align the red dot sight I got to see Saturn and was blown away. Fortunately I had done my research so knew that I was never going to see Hubble quality images but, wow. The feeling I got when I could see her rings was just mind-blowing. I have observed the moon but so far, not much else. So anyway, I went out again Saturday night, I live in Worcestershire, UK and found a field in the middle of nowhere. I was
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