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  1. Hi,

    I'm after some advice on dome slaving.  I have a Pulsar 2.2 metre with the dome rotation kit (and two equipment bays) arriving at the end of November and I'd like to slave it to the hand controller rather than buy Maxim DL, SGP etc.

    Is this possible?  My mount is a CGX-L with the standard handset.  I use SharpCap Pro to capture images and I am not looking to change my setup drastically nor spend anymore money at this point given what the observatory has cost me.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. I've looked at golf bags and they just seem a bit too narrow for comfort, although storage wise being upright would be a distinct advantage.  With the surfing bags they just seem a bit too big!  The cricket bags at around 100x45x45 seem ideal if slightly too long.  The main issue is the width, I think the 250PX flextube needs the width to accommodate the finder scope and focuser and leave room to line it with plenty of padding.  I have an old neoprene camping ground sheet that will line it nicely.  For £45 I don't think it can be done better for the money (or any cheaper really).

    Thanks all, I think we have a solution!  I'll let you know how I get on once it's arrived and I've had time to sort it all out.


  3. Hello,

    Has anyone found a good padded case the for OTA of the Skywatcher 250PX Flextube telescope?  I've looked at the Orion bag for the XT10 but it is too long and ~£100 is more than I want to pay.  The main issue with finding one at the moment is the diameter including the finderscope and focuser.  I'd like a bag that is fairly snug so that it is not 'floating around' in there.

    Any and all suggestions welcome!



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