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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there is news for PHD2 and Atik. I have upgraded my Mac to version 10.11.4 and the program will not start properly, but when I connect the CCD Atik Titan Color, the program It closes and then does not work anymore. Thank
  2. Ok, but for the working method that I would like to do, Parallels would use only for PHD, then with OSX, Red Screen and Canon utilities. So for me it is enough for the battery to last at least 6/8 hour. What do you think about it? Thank.
  3. Hi, I would like to ask another question: these tests I'm doing with the Mac at home, a Mac Pro 8 Core.The portetile I still have to buy it and to have a longer lifebattery, I would buy a MacBook Air, which has 12 hours of battery life.I would try using Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp and in thisso, I can use the various applications with window and I solvedthe problem. But I talked to several people who have told me thatin this way, the battery has a much shorter duration.What do you advise me?Thank.
  4. I did a test at this time. The same thing happens. It does the calibration.It lights up slightly 3/2 times the indicator DX (West) of STARBOOK.Start with the West and after 61 steps shows an error message:RA Calibration Failed: star did not move enough.I did several tests, but the result is always the same.Now I have to dismantle everything because is cominga thunderstorm.Bye
  5. Yes, the SXP STARBOOK is connected to one cable D-SUB9PIN. The Titan is connected with USB cable to your Mac and cable ST4 at STARBOOK.-Images taken from PHD2 that I see, I tried with its exposure time available, that if I'm not mistaken there's a maximum of 10 seconds.Bye
  6. Thanks for your help. the problem is that as I said in my post,It is that Atik is connected and takes pictures,but no calibration.The Titan is connected to the Mac via the USB cable and theSTARBOOK with cable ST4.In the settings of PHD2 I selected:Camera: Camera ATIKMount: On-camera, because it does not work with the other settings.Aux Mount: NoneI wanted to point out that if you use Parallel Desktop with win7and PHD1, all function well.Thanks again.
  7. Grace yet at all. The problem is that not speaking English, I can not be very present on the forum.
  8. Thank you all for the welcome. I apologize for writing, but having done copy and paste I had not noticed the large font. For my equipment, I not sho understood where I have to write to make it public to all. I think you should go to My Settings -> Signature, but I'm not write, can you tell me? If you want I can write here, but I think it is difficult to have to give that help. Thank.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm sorry for my not good English. I just joined and I need the following help. I would use my CCD ATIK TITAN COLOR as guider and not knowing English, I downloaded from this forum PHD2_241c_R145 and I tried to use it with the version 10.10.4. It does not work very well. The CCD is detected, images are shot and then choose the guide star. But there is a communication issue with my mount VIXEN SXP with STARBOOK TEN. When to do the calibration, the first step (WEST) never ends and does not pass to the next steps and occasionally on STARBOOK TEN lights slightly the led of the button WEST and soon PHD shows an error message. Not being computer savvy would like to know if I'm doing something wrong in the process or if I have to install additional software because I have only installed PHD.If anyone can help me I would be grateful.Thank you
  10. Hello everyone, I'm Italian and I joined this forum, because I would like use the Mac to do astrophotography, but are not computer savvy, all I was advised to subscribe to this forum and hope to find help with my technical issues. I'm sorry for my not good English, but I'm using the google translator. Thank you.
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