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  1. I should also add that you SGL people are pretty awesome!
  2. Welll knock me down with a feather! Yes it seems to have worked!! YEEEESSS!! Cooooolll! Yes it's the middle one and a couple of nudges seem to do it. THANKS A LOT!! Happy nights! Jeff
  3. Many thanks everyone for the discussion. I attach a picture of mine - it doesn't quite look like the one in the pdf from Austria, and certainly needs allen keys of some kind I would think, The locking screw, there is only one, so hmmm not sure which is the tension screw and which the 'parallelizing screws'.... eeek
  4. HI Moonshane, thanks a lot for that. It certainly looks like it has the exact bearing on the problem! At first sight it looks a bit A level as opposed gcse where I'm at, I wonder if I attempted this I'd break a guarantee, as I've had the scope less than a year??? eek! I will give this some thought! Thanks for posting the article - I will go over it carefully!
  5. Hello telescope sages! I was out with my SW Equinox80 last night, which I bought mainly for looking at star fields and such like, and I noticed that having focussed on some stars overhead the drawtube would slip further out (even with the focussing knob locking cap in place). Certainly with the scope at 90* the focusser will let the drawtube out but it slips at certain points and then doesn't draw it back in. It is fine whiile horizontal (!!) or maybe up to about 45* tilt and works as nature intended. I have only attached a diagonal and an eyepiece (I've never attached anything mor
  6. Hi Andrew, yes, the CMB is the observable limit. Though he did seem to suggest that we would not always be able to see it as dark energy will win and push everything further apart (even the stuff that currently wins over dark matter by being close enough for gravity etc.).. Thanks for the paper link - looks very interesting, hope I can cope with it! best wishes Jeff
  7. Hi all I went to Prof Brian Schmidt's talk about his discovery of the 'accelerating universe' - his is an interesting perspective as he ties everything that can be said to observational astronomy. He did point out that, beyond the observable universe, there could be other universes and other big bangs. Not only would we never get light from these to see them, but also the light we can see will disappear as the distance between stuff in the universe increases beyond the 'observable distances'. If you had a telescope in a few trillion years from now it wouldn't do you much good (mind you I ha
  8. Hi Scorpion - great idea to get 3 scopes at once! I'm trying to persuade my family that this is the path to happiness. Very good luck with weather etc. I'm sure you'll enjoy moon and planets with those!
  9. Thales

    Newbie stargazer

    May the clouds part for you...and all of us!
  10. Great pics Charl! Inspires me to have a go! Love the way the first picture really does make the sun look like a ball!
  11. Hi Rob, I think Nelson gave away his binoculars as well. Would be interested to hear how you get on with the Celestron - I look at them occasionally - good luck with the novel, I know what you mean!
  12. Hello fellow Nebula! I may be able to give you the questionable benefit of my very junior experience. Couple of things: what telescope do you have? What focal length is it? what do you want to look at? And I see only 2 eyepieces you refer to. As a general rule, I'd start without the barlow, and use longer length eyepiece i.e the 25mm - locate what you want and then increase the mag, if necessary (e.g. moon)
  13. By preference refractors do it for me - I always wanted a big one, and now I have one that looks like it could knock a wall down. It's not the most convenient telescope to use for all sky sectors but it makes me very happy! Had some amazing views of sun and moon, It's eq mounted - at higher magnifications a large refractor would be awkward on alt/az in my view - eq tracks more smoothly at higher mags. It sets up quickly too. I don't think I want a GOTO, The eq mount has dec and RA markings, plus there is a finder on the scope - I use 2 atlases and bins to get to my targets (though sun and m
  14. yes! agreed, great image, just to see the nebula in a star field context. That's what I like about observing!
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