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  1. What telescope are you using? This is an awesome picture. I can't wait to see more of your work.
  2. That picture is beautiful. I can't stop looking at it. May I ask what telescope and equipment are you using? I can only hope to be half that good. Bryan
  3. I haven't heard about this yet. My laptop just broke but I have the Google sky map. The stellarium looks amazing. I bought a nice Barlow but I would like to get the 2x Barlow too. I guess you can say I want to see everything like everyone here. I would like to get into astrophotography would be my end goal.
  4. IIII have a Celestron 114 lcm telescope. I have the two eyepieces that came with it. They are the 25mm and 9mm. I bought the 3x Barlow which has been wonderful. I was thinking of getting a Celestron X-Cel lx series 5mm. What would you guys recommend being the best size Eyepiece. I also am going to get some filters. I want good eyepieces and I am not afraid to spend money for them. When I get a new telescope (distant future) I still want to use the same eyepieces. Bryan Celestron 114 LCM
  5. Last night I finally was able to find M42. I am still fairly new to the hobby but I have been getting good with most of the planets. So, after watching Jupiter, ( beautiful every time) I decided to try and find M42. After about 10 mins I found it. I was amazed how awesome it was. I can't wait to find more!
  6. Hello All, I am fairly new to using telescopes. I always had a hard time finding objects in space. I decided to get back in it when i received a telescope as a gift. I am now the proud owner of a Celestron 114 LCM. I think all I needed was some practice. The past few nights have been fantastic and I could not be happier. I can see Saturn and the rings. I have a 25mm and a 9mm eyepiece. I also now have a 3x barlow. So, as time goes on I find myself very pleased that I can find planets. I tried using it to find deep space objects but I am having problems. I do not know if it I am having a hard t
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