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  1. Hello, fellow astronomers! As I'm gaining more and more experience within the field of astrophotography, so am I more and more bothered by the restrictions of my current mount (cg 5-gt). As a result of this, I've been looking for a trusty replacement, a sturdy and precise platform that allows me to develop further. There are many favorable options out there (Paramount Me, astrophysics 1200gto and so on!), but because I'm only 17 years old, the thought of investing in that kind of bad-ass equipment, seems slightly farfetched Therefore, I'm now working on a preliminary design for my very own eq-mount. I'm lucky enough to be an apprentice within the field of CNC, so there's no lack of equipment for the manufacturing part. This also means that the components can be machined down to very fine tolerances . But, as we all know, quality gears and motors are vital if you want to be able to shoot long exposures. As I'm not very experienced with this, I need the help of you: What should I consider when buying motors and gears? Are there any kit solutions out there? If yes, do they support the use of a computers and auto guiders? I hope some of you could answer these questions!
  2. Hi, fellow astronomers:) I need to replace the collimation screws for my C8N to some longer ones. 1) What kind of threads are there on these screws? 2) How can i replace them? Will my primary fall out when I unscrew them? Thank you:)
  3. Hi! I would like to make a moon mosaic out of many high magnification pictures. How should I approach this task?
  4. Hi:) I just got a replacement for my old cg5 gt mount, because of some technical issues. My new mount seems to work fine, but the dec axis is a bit sticky when I move it with my hands. Will this affect the goto-abilities of the mount? Haven't got to try it yet due to bad weather.
  5. I have had problems with my Cg5-Gt mount for weeks now, and finally got the pc cabel to upgrade it. I get good conection with the pc and the update goes fine. But when I restart the mount, the screen (on the handcontroller) says "No response". I can't do anything, not even controll the motor drives. The hcupgrade-firmware looks for the newest firmware, but it only finds 4.3, not 4.16 wich I have heard is the newest. Can anybody help? Where can I find the brand newest firmware for my precious telescope?
  6. Thanks for the link. I bought the scope friday last week so I have the waranty:p Gonna give them a call now I think.
  7. Thanks for the reply. It happend to me yesterday and today aswell. It doesn't seems to get better after powering off.
  8. I have a celestron 17ah powertank so power shouldn't be a concerne.
  9. Hi. When I power up my telescope mount, this happens: The screen says "initializing" then, half a second later, the screen gets blank but it's still red. I don't understand what's going on. The handcontroller gets electristy but nothing else happens. I can't even use the motors to drive my scope! Help!
  10. Thank you for all the replies. I bought a Celestron C8 NGT yesterday and I got a really good price at the 17ah powertank so I bought it:p I'm very pleased with my new scope and the powertank never seems to go empty!
  11. Thank you guys! I don't quiet see how to hook up a telescope to a + and a - pole:o Do you need som sort of adapter? And how can I charge it? Sorry for beeing such a noob at this :/
  12. Thanks for the answers:) What about a jump starter- battery?
  13. Is it possible to use a car battery instead of an expencive powertank? If yes, how?
  14. Thank you guys, you have helped a lot! I've been in touch with a telescope-store and I'm going to buy the Celestron C8 N Goto next week! I probably have a lot more questions then:p
  15. Thank you, Gary! How do you calculate the magnification when you use the webcam?
  16. Well... The manual says that the computer shouldn't be used at temperatures below 0 degrees celsius =P I've heard about people putting their camera in a plastic bag after outside use. Do you think this works for my pc as well? I have a question about webcam-photography: I'm not an expert at this, but do you put the camera over and eyepiece? I'm not sure, but I think I've seen someone only using a barlow lens with theirs...
  17. Another question: How does a portable computer perform outside during the winter? I live in Norway, and temperatures can easily drop to -20 -25 degrees celsius.
  18. Thank you for all answers. It sounds like a promising mount. Nice picture btw, Gary! I saw a video on youtube were a guy had serious vibrations with this mount. Have any of you experienced this, or do you think the guy mounted it the wrong way? Here's the link: Roger
  19. Hi! Does any one have experience with the C8 N Goto telescope? 1)Is it suitable for astrphotography 2) Is the mount (Cg5 gt) sturdy? 3)Is it possible to uncople the motors to guide the Cg 5 manually? Regards, Roger
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