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  1. Hi Gary Sounds as though it's the same one - claims it has 1.3 megapix and pixel plus, has moving lens and it black and silver? The price is similar to PCworld so i guess it may be the same, but i reckon you can get it cheaper via the website above. Cheers PB
  2. Hi Gary I got a philips SP900NC from pixmania.co.uk, a 1.25" adaptor made specifically for that webcam from telescope house, then a 1.25 IR filter from first light optics. About £90 all told. All easy enough to construct and very dinky and easy to use. Cheers PB
  3. Hi Trudie I had exactly this problem, and eventually found the files as Windows media players files in My computer, then Local disc C, then program files - there they were at the bottom of all the programme files, all on their own. Try finding them first without opening either k3cc or registax. I thought i had lost them myself but knew they were there somewhere as they has eaten into hard disc space. Sorry if someone has already suggested this and no joy. PB
  4. Nice one Trudie - you must have a steady hand...Well done! PB
  5. Fantastic effort, chub. Really nice colours and shadow. PB
  6. Wonderful Rob, well done. Really captures the colour nicely PB
  7. Stunning, Nick. Thanks for posting PB
  8. Hi folks Just to say thanks very much for your help. I was not pasting all of the information i got from i see stars when i uploaded and image, which i did in my Saturn posting and hey presto it worked. Learning curve etc... Cheers PB
  9. Thanks for the comments - i guess i'm hoping for a sharper image but i guess i'm just being churlish. And they do say kids can be very cruel!! PB
  10. Put it on the wrong place - SORRY - can it be moved? PB
  11. Hi Folks First image of Saturn, taken Thursday night with the CPC 1100, SP900NC and the 2" x2 Revelation Barlow. As my nephew has just reminded me, "it's not that good, is it?"! I had to show him a shocking previous effort to prop up my ego...Hope this works as still figuring out how to post images. Psychobabbler
  12. Nice one CC - thanks for the help as always PB
  13. Well done Gary - image looks great to my untrained eyes! Cheers PB
  14. Thanks for your comments on the image CC - I used registax to stack a 100s avi. I simply pasted the http bit from i see stars - should i past the whole thing? Thanks again PB
  15. Can anyone tell me how to edit the post a thumbnail, rather than just the website address? Thanks PB
  16. Hello First image of the moon taken with the CPC 1100 ans SP900NC (can we think of a better name?!)on Thursday night. Thrilled to have my first picture in the bag. Can anyone confirm what i aimlessly pointed at?? Cheers PB Edit: Done..
  17. Right guys Really fed up this time. I've joined i see stars and uploaded the picture i want to use. Then i try to post and on "click here to upload an image", and it refuses to take my username and password. Then i try to post directly and it tells me it can't take a jpeg, and i can't post a bmp image as it's 900K and the limit is 100K. Any ideas? Imaging was easier than this..! PB
  18. Grant Seriously appreciate this - will let you know how i get on PB
  19. Right Dazza I'm in a right fankle as they say up here. I've saved my images as bitmap pictures and of course I see stars does not accept this type - can anyone tell me how i change the images to jpeg etc that the site will accept? Thanks PB
  20. Hello Can anyone tell me how to resize my images for posting on the appropriate section of SGL? Bearing in mind i do not have photoshop or any other software other than microsoft's image editing and the usual registax...Am bursting with pride over my first terrible pictures of the moon and saturn and want to damage your eyes with them! Thanks Psychobabbler
  21. Welcome Angela Great to have you here and it's one of the friendliest places with all the info you'll need. Psychobabbler
  22. Hi Lee I was lucky in having the budget for the CPC as my first scope. You'll get lots of advice but i guess no scope is perfect... PB
  23. Hi Lee and Hello You might not believe this, but that book is exactly the thing that got me into astronomy about eight months ago. I've been an avid user of this great forum ever since, and since last month am the proud owner of a CPC 1100. As i keep saying to folk who join, the is one of the friendliest and helpful sites you will ever use. I hope you have as much fun contributing as i've had. All the best Psychobabbler PS am now reading Bryson's "life and time of the thunderbolt kid" and loving it...
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