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  1. Tremendous work Craig, huge effort put in there. David
  2. Craig Great effort Craig - beautiful M27 set against a great starfield. Well done for working on it after a bit of time. Look forward to seeing you again at some stage. David
  3. Great effort. But, I'm sure Ian is younger than that...! PB
  4. Ouch - absolutely beautiful TJ, very unusual to see an aspect of M45 rather than the whole thing. PB
  5. Nice capture Gary- i would not know where to start with clusters. PB
  6. Massive amount of data and serious dedication given the unguided nature of the shot - well done Scott, great image. PB
  7. 2 beautful creations Ian, especially the whispiness in M45. PB
  8. Clearest dust lanes i've seen in ages. Great work and real dedication to get all those subs. Well done.
  9. Great detail for comparatively little data Craig - I love M1 and the red filaments are very clear. PB
  10. Tremendous - one of the best M45's i've seen in terms of colour and nebulosity. PB
  11. Very good for a first effort and a good bit of data too. Great detail for an unguided picture. PB
  12. Very nice, very unusual, and very well predicted! PB
  13. That is glorious Coco - i wonder what it would have looked like without the camera being modified - do you think there would be a significant difference. Amazing any which way, though! PB
  14. Fabulous clarity for a 1st image! Good load of data too. I'd be well chuffed. PB
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