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  1. Hi folks, back again, so last night was nice and clear so I had a play with the scope again, having only had the one good night looking at the moon. No moon last night but I managed to get Saturn! pretty chuffed really, the image was a wee bit shaky but it was there in all its glory and the rings were easily seen, one thing that struck me straight away is the speed at which the sky moves. My main issue at the moment is my back garden is not great for viewing much, I will be searching for an open area somewhere close by I think where I can take the scope and hopefully track down Jupiter etc.
  2. Hi folks, so after waiting for a half decent clear evening I finally got one tonight, so out comes the scope onto the decking, the moon was a half moon tonight but using both 25mm and 10mm eyepieces it was glorious, my daughter was fascinated! I need to spend some time looking at where the other planets are I think and trying to get a peek at them next, overall though mighty impressed with the images I saw tonight.
  3. Ok so had a wee play last night before it got dark, got the main scope and finder aligned (hopefully!), the only thing I could do it with was the corner of a house roof a few hundred yards away so perhaps not the best but its a start. I was intending to use the scope later when it got dark but by then the sky was very cloudy so I didn't bother. Hoping for a clear sky in the coming nights to get out there and gaze!
  4. emporer

    Hi folks!

    Thanks again for the warm welcome folks!
  5. As you know (from my thread) i'm a newbie too! As you don't have a scope yet then follow my posts with my experience of my newly acquired Skyliner 150p, I know very little about this stuff but this scope comes highly recommended as a starter scope. You'll probably just see me asking all sorts of problematic questions across the forum!
  6. As its all totally new to us I imagine it will be a while before I start looking at spending on other stuff, although when I get stuck into something I tend to have a bad case of upgrade-itus!
  7. emporer

    Hi folks!

    I'm only just down the road in Desborough, small world!
  8. Many thanks folks, its all very confusing right now, i'm just not understanding aligning main and finder, the post above mentions using the 25mm eyepiece to look through the finder, yet the finder has no eyepiece attachment and its only the main scope that I can use eyepieces with. That has got me a bit confused, should this be a case of looking at something distant through the finder until its centered in the crosshairs and then it 'should' be visible on the main scope with a bit of focusing?
  9. Do I need to align the finder with the main scope? I can see things just fine at a distance through the finder and am wondering now if they are both out of sync sort of, I can't remember reading anything in the manual about aligning both, just picking something out in the finder and getting it in the crosshairs.
  10. Thanks for the swift help folks, much appreciated. The scope came with an extra adapter, 2 inch one but its not in the focuser tube, that just has the one that was already in it that the 2 eyepieces fit into, assume its 1.25 inch adapter? For all my ignorance the 2 eyepieces that came with it are 10mm and a super wide 25mm, am I correct in thinking the 10mm will be more magnification but the 25mm will have a much wider field? I will try and have another go at seeing something tonight if its clear, I do have a street lamp right outside my back garden which lights up half of the garden, its a pain to be honest, not sure if that's impacting on things but I am using the scope turned away from the lamp, it doesn't affect what I can see through the finder, like I mentioned I saw what I think was a star, quite bright, and picked it up fine in the crosshairs but using either eyepiece just gave me a white haze all over, I did think maybe i'd forgotten to take of some kind of lens cover or protective cover somewhere!
  11. emporer

    Hi folks!

    Many thanks for the very warm welcome. I need to start looking at guides to learn how to use this scope, its all above me right now, I set it up last night and lined up a star(?) in the crosshairs of the finder but couldn't get anything on the eyepiece apart from it was all a white/grey haze! I'll no doubt get there and my little girl and myself will have loads of fun in our new hobby.
  12. Hi folks, I'm a complete newbie to astronomy so please bear with me. I had been looking at getting a scope for my daughter and myself to enjoy and start looking upwards, I purchased a Skyliner 150p Dobsonian telescope which arrived yesterday and is now built and ready to go. The only problem is I don't know how to use it! The manuals don't seem to get into things too much. I set it up last night, focused the finder crosshairs on what I think was a star, roughly SE direction, admittedly there was some cloud in the sky, but I just couldn't get anything on the eyepiece at all, I tried both 10mm and 25mm eyepieces and all I could see was white/grey haze over the whole eyepiece. Obviously i'm not doing something correctly. Any guides or advice to help get setup would be greatly appreciated.
  13. emporer

    Hi folks!

    Hi folks, Just joined as i'm a total newbie to astronomy and all things up there! I have been looking at getting a telescope for some time so my little girl (7) and myself can enjoy together, I got a deal on a Skyliner 150p Dobsonian scope which was delivered yesterday. Now I just need to learn how to use it!! Looking forward to being active in here and hopefully making a contribution to the community. Danny
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