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  1. Welcome aboard Arnaud, hope you enjoy the forum. There`s a heck of a lot of info on here and helpful people to steer us in the right direction. All The Best, Will
  2. I`ve had a few issues with collimation myself. Using the laser still didn`t get me "on the button" and i was left wondering is it down to having to tighten it into place via a thumbscrew? If i released the thumbscrew a little or even touched it the poi of the laser moved. I`ve went back to using the pinhole cap method and all seems fine. Though i`m not an expert in engineering surely a tight collar would be preferable to the thumbscrew method to centre anything or is "ballpark" ,a few mm`s, close enough to suffice?
  3. Yeah, a real jaw dropper of a picture. Outstanding. Kniclander. To be fair to you they are a few.. er.. wispy bits!!
  4. " One man and his Dob"...Who`s taking up the 16"er?? Geoff Capes? Best of luck and fair play to you all on your endeavor:icon_salut:
  5. Just by the by but i was talking to a fella at work the other day who had his eyes lasered. As i wear glasses i`d always thought of laser correction as something i would eventually get around to. On the telly the blurb the ad states "from £349 per eye". Well the guy who had it done paid 10 TIMES that figure. Perhaps in the scheme of things it`s not that much but right now i`ll stick with my gleeks:D signed, Ebeneezer " Lowstar " Scrooge.
  6. Hello Forum, firstly a big thanks to all the people who said hello on my first post. It`s nice to get such a welcome as i`m sure there are loads of people getting into astronomy and signing up all the time. Ok, the scope arrived, Orion SkyQuest XT8. Big cardboard boxes:hello2:. Felt a little detuned when i noticed a "Made in China" label on the box and some of the eyepieces but to be fair all seemed well made and it worked fine. First look at Jupiter actually made me laugh as i`d never saw the moons before. Yep, a first that everyone in the house had to witness too:D Did a bit of star hopping , brightest ones first, and had a great time scaning the universe which has always been there just never taken the time to look and marvel at it. I`ve added a set of filters and am patiently waiting on the moon to impress the h*ll out of me. Apart from the bino`s, which are quite small, i have no yardstick to judge the dobs optics but to me, absolute novice, they do seem very clear and crisp and i can`t really fault it so far. A few clear nights would be all i need really. Good Hunting All, Will.
  7. Oldies eh?? Hope your enjoying the scope ya whipper snapper!!
  8. Lowstar

    Jumped In.

    Hi Forum, just a few lines to introduce myself and say hello. I `m probably a bit premature as my telescope hasn`t arrived yet, an Orion SkyQuest XT8, but greetings to all just the same. Having read a few of the posts and stickys i`m better informed than i was an hour ago and look forward to glean any more tips, pointers and advice from seasoned stargazers. After the seemingly endless nightly research on " Best Beginner Scopes " i`ve the eyes burned out of myself and am looking forward to using the dobsonian more than the Compaq. I was out earlier with the bino`s and wish the telescope had arrived today. Very clear skies and quite a mild evening made me think how many people were looking skyward enjoying the stars on show. Regards, Will.
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