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  1. Thinking about the Orion 50" er, i wonder do they throw in a hugh step ladder @ £123,000 you`d be hoping for a Cherry Picker!!
  2. Well if it`s cloudy beer is a good Plan B. Like Kris77, the Obsession web site has put the hook in me big time for a big dob. The view i have of M13 is just what they say is normal for an 8" dob. Ah well, one of these days.....
  3. Orion 50 Monster Dobsonian Telescope | Orion Telescopes & Binoculars
  4. Contact was a good movie but sadly came out around the same time as Independance Day which seemed to be more popular at the box office with the punters. I liked Alien. Hope none of those things come to visit:icon_eek: Will.
  5. That would be ......£180 plus change back on an 16" Lightbridge. It`s tempting but with the way things are right now, as in job security, perhaps not practical. Sadly.
  6. Fair play to you, 326 galaxies logged is a credit to your perserverance.
  7. Superb pictures on an interesting topic. The sun has a big imput on another hobby of mine , radio. The more sunspots the better ( well mostly ) for long distance contacts around the globe. Today i heard Thailand, Indonesia as well as lots of EU countries on the air. Hopefully the solar minimum is behind us and we`ll get better conditions from now on in to the max. Cheers, Will.
  8. There are those that are convinced aliens are here amoungst us already, perhaps studying our development ( or lack off ) as we progress towards a perfect world. That might take a while.....
  9. Never been on a trip to view them but have watched them from my location here on two occasions. (N.I) Very nice indeed . However, you really have to stop yourself telling all and sundry to run outside and check out the sky!! I remember standing in the local petrol station practically driving the oblivious patrons out the door to have a look. "Raus.....Raus!!!":rolleyes:
  10. Astronomy Ireland | Keep Life in Perspective Click on the link above. Some of the writing is hard to make out but....DAMM!!
  11. Result!! After keeping an eye out for most of this week the 100% cloud cover finally broke and there they were. In a darkening light blue sky Venus was extremely bright. That said Mercury was the one i really wanted to see. In the pictures i`ve seen posted recently Mercury has been below and off to the right but tonight she was more or less level with her sister planet. Got the binos on them and wondered would it be worth running for the Dob. I`ve not got a great view to the west so i had to carry the dob about 60 yards. Arrived in one piece, stuck in the 5.2mm and looked at the boiling, multicoloured spectrum jumble of light. Bu**er!! To be honest i wasn`t too annoyed really as was lucky to see them with my own eyes given the cloudy weather we`ve been having. I`m pretty happy Clear Skies, Will.
  12. The moon is a bit of a jaw dropper when viewed through a telescope. At least it was for me!:)
  13. Yes, that image is indeed worthy of woopage. Well shot that man.
  14. The biggest incentive to reduce your energy consumption is the quarterly bill. Ours has risen to £160 albeit over the winter period. After a rather verbally colourful phone call to N.I.E i was assured our bill was "actually quite low.." as our usage was " well below average..." Ho Hum... Will.
  15. Saturn is a real jaw dropper for sure. To me it kinda looks a bit sureal and ghostly at first but as you keep watching suddenly the air stops milling and the razor sharp image snaps into view, albeit for a split second sadly:D but in a few moments it comes steady again and on it goes. Roboticsound i would say go for it. Get yourself a dedicated planet eyepiece. I bought one off Ebay a while back and am really impressed with the performance. (Pentax 5.2mm) My preferance was originally for DSO`s but i must say with Mars & Saturn on offer having a planetary EP will put a grin on your face and the moon is..well..you`ll see:eek: Clear Skies, Will.
  16. Clear here in N.I. at the moment. The seeing conditions were better last night though. I`ve read Megrez, the star joining the "Dipper" handle to the er...dipper is a good yardstick to judge conditions by.Last night it was clearly visible tonight, not so much so. Still, viewed 7 galaxies ( though i was a bit disappointed in a couple at the lack of detail i.e. grey wisp) and a few clusters. Tried out a new planetary eyepiece too and it`s working a treat. Saturn should be making an appearance around now so i`m off. Good Luck to all out and wrap up well, will.
  17. Friday night, 9pm, Full Moon, Mars, Beehive Cluster in between, no clouds or rain, Met Office make it happen:rolleyes:
  18. "....i had visions of them trampling my eye pieces... " Us blokes must all be programmed the same. Even when running for your life you`re thinking, " Please God...not my lovely eyepieces...!!":D
  19. Very nice Mutley. If you`re going on your hols and need the house looked after give me a shout.
  20. Fairplay to you mate. If i had that amount of dough burning a hole in my pocket i reckon a big Meade dob would be on the hit list. There...i`ve said it now.
  21. Thanks Doc and the other posters who kindly helped.Looking at the Nightskyinfo. sky map i think M78 is it. I`ll have another look tonight as it`s quite balmy out...-3 Talitha, i can only put the Starrynight omission down to the cd that came with the scope. It`s an Orion Special Edition version and the date on the disc is 2005. I checked again earlier and the galaxy M77 is listed but no M78. Automatic Starrynight updates i get are usually satellite & asteroid only so at some point i may have to upgrade. Hope you are all enjoying the clear skies.
  22. The sky is looking awesome tonight. It`s -9 degrees C and dropping but i`ve came across a nice little nebula i haven`t saw before. As i`m not into my degrees of declination etc. i`ll try and describe the location in layman`s terms. Find Orion`s belt. Set up on the top star of the three. Bear left, past the belt, and keep going left and you should see the neb. There`s two quite faintish stars in the neb and the stars in the immediate vicinity are faint too. I checked on Starrynight and can`t see it on there which is quite nice as they have other nebs listed like firework displays i can`t see!! ( Horse Head ) I`m sure someone will post the neb`s proper name. Funny how a couple of stars and a blur can make your day:hello2:
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