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  1. What`s that beer that`s "...reassuringly expensive.." ergo it must be good
  2. I believe Belfast Harbour Commission is changing all their lighting, street lighting & towers, to LED but the cost will be eyewateringly expensive. Less maintenance and long lifespan probably made it do-able but as aforementioned the light given off by leds seems very cold, clinical and glarey.
  3. Size does matter Best of luck to you and clear skies.
  4. Just read on Spaceweather.com that ISON has dramatically faded and they reckon the nucleus is gone,..ho hum.
  5. I liked the programme and the presenters. Darryl and Cox were good ( behave... i know it`s not the fat blokes proper name ) and the guests kept it all moving along. I personally liked the wit and banter and for me that`s essential so the subject doesn`t get too high brow which, given my IQ, wouldn`t be too hard Looking forward to next one. Will.
  6. It`s little comfort but the air seems very clear here, i`m guessing the Easter weather ( rain, hail & thunder ) has flushed a lot of the crud out of it. Get a few hot whiskeys down you and you`ll be 100:D
  7. In a cold frosty sky last night it stopped me in my tracks. What a view, Jupiter above and over to the east Mars.
  8. The " Shorty Plus " from Orion is a cost effective* barlow. As far as eyepieces go i only have 4 & the shorty and i got those off Ebay. Saved up and got one every couple of months. Pentax xw`s and a TV 27mm Panoptic. Nice views:D * Just checked the internet for prices on the shorty and they`re £83 I`m pretty sure it was £55 when i got mine a couple of years ago.
  9. This is not easy for me but here we go anyway..... In the past i may have...i did..cast dispersions on Prof. Cox`s narrative delivery on his BBC programmes. I would like to set the record straight and say i`ve found him to be very funny in his recent BBC lecture, not Ricky Gervais funny but certainly funnier than Lenny Henry. Also, as my girlfriend bought me "Wonders of the Universe" off Amazon* i can only say it`s a fantastic insight into our hobby and thank (cough) Brian for his input. * Amazon are currently selling this book for £10 and not the full price my girlfriend might have you believe:rolleyes: Clear Skies & Happy 2012 to all especially Brian.
  10. As some have said i`d let bygones be bygones and offer to help them with whatever is ailing them. Maybe the council guy got to the bottom of it ( doubtful though )
  11. " So.. we`ll kick off tonights meeting of the Flat Earth Society with that old chestnut "Mr. Moon, what type of cheese are you ?":D
  12. Probably not related but i noticed a lot of the electrical retailers are the same, came to the conclusion that they don`t want expensive stock sitting not moving as it`s dead money. Could be wrong;)
  13. As a very casual observer the Virgo super cluster was a bit of a revelation Last week i noted the Plough overhead and remembered the swaith of galaxies marked " below" ( i warned you i was casual ) it on my DeepMap 600. I spun the dob round due south and there they were. Excellent stuff and kudos to you WayBig for identifing them. Clear Skies will.
  14. Throw some salt over your shoulder or something fella, if it wasn`t for bad luck you`d have no luck at all.
  15. I`d suggest a nice, premium wide angle eyepiece to make the most of the light that scope will gather. Clear Skies, will.
  16. Try a little test and you can check out the results for yourself. Go outside and stay out for a good 20 mins. Avoid all lights if you can. Come back indoors again but keep one eye shut. Stay a few minutes then go back out again and check out the stars, do the "camera 1, camera 2" thing (only open left eye, close, only open right eye, close, etc.) and you`ll see some difference When i go out into the garage at dark i can`t see anything really yet after 10-20 minutes in the dark i can make out stuff sitting around easily. ATB will. PS. You need the house lights on for this to work:D
  17. It`s impossible to please all of the people all of the time i guess Good as the programme is i find myself falling asleep midway through. The content is good enough, although that incidental music (why?) grates. The reason i think i drift off is Mr.Cox. The guy knows his subject, of that there is little doubt, it`s just he delivers it with an airy, thousand yard stare & mystical smile with zero gravitas. Bung Morgan Freeman a few bob to do the narrative and have "smiler" in to do the technical bit and you`d have a product auntie beeb could flog to the martians. Sorted. Bah. Humbug. Will.
  18. I had a quick look tonight, 14th, and the views were probably the best i`ve ever saw. A high level haze ended the show early but the detailing on the craters & the mares was stunning.
  19. Very impressive pictures indeed.
  20. Saw them here ( Northern Ireland ) on a couple of occasions though i`ve a feeling it was closer to the solar maximum than it is right now. A real jaw dropper to witness Clear Skies, will
  21. Terrible news and i`m sure a real shock to you and the family Sam. Fingers crossed you`ll get some of your possessions back.
  22. The UFO people who draw the crop circles are visitors.....they keep trying to tell me on YouTube. but i`m not buying it
  23. " Is that Wigel in Owion? ":rolleyes:
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