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  1. Anyone knows a europe-based dealer for the DGM NPB filter? i have also read a review from David Knisely and i think its worht it.
  2. thnx everyone. I know its far away from what im looking for but the price is a bargain and it worths a second thought.
  3. Well im still looking for a dobsonian but i just found these 2 telescopes. The price is the same. The cpc is at excellent condition and is 1 year old. The meade has a lot external scratches...whats your choice?
  4. ok. Welcome from me. The scope Niallk has posted its really awesome with perfect optics. Another option for me is http://www.sumerianoptics.com/also amazing and very portable.
  5. Help me spend money please! I can give you my bank account if you are finding any issues spending your money...
  6. Im suppose you are guessing right but lets wait someone expert (older) to analyze it.
  7. welcome Mothman. Start digging. Theres a lot info here
  8. Zane i have changed my mind and i want my "unwanted gift" back. pls call me...
  9. give your money for a baader hyperion mark III. You pay more you get more.
  10. Stay first with the 25mm and 10mm. Now. +1 for me its a barlow. And im following the opinion that you have to buy a solid one because it will be forever a partner to your nights...Tele vue powermate 2x or 2,5x. Start from that
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