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  1. I can certainly see how the Manfrotto thingy (technical term) would work - thank you. The Opticron, I cannot work out, so if there is a piccie anywhere of it attached to bins, I would be grateful. I will have to look out for second hand I think as I still need to buy a tripod and adaptor. Just keen to work out the whole solution first so I buy the right stuff. Many thanks again.
  2. OK - I know this thread is a bit old, but I have an SLT 102, which is my second scope. Following some of the ideas here, I have added the Skywatcher rings and 8" dovetail, pretty easy to do actually. However, I am finding it difficult to achieve good balance with a heavy 2" eyepiece in play and in the dark I don't fancy shifting the tube up and down whilst I change eyepieces over. Also, I am worried this is putting a bit of a strain on the mount motor. How have others experienced this and is it worth considering a heftier mount? Many thanks.
  3. Well I followed some of Dave Knisely's advise and I have purchased a DGN NPB as my first deep sky filter, purchased directly from the US. I am really looking forward to trying it out. Thanks again.
  4. Bother! I just paid rather more for the US supplied product. Worked out at £150 with all duties.
  5. Do you have a pic of one of these constructions? DIY is not my best skill, so I am not hopeful it will work for me. On the other hand, there is someone about the house who could do it, but will curse me yet again for my new hobby!
  6. I just acquired the DGN NPB filter as a result of reading pages like this and other reviews. I bought it directly from Dan McShane in the US. FYI, it took 2 weeks to arrive and I had to pay the Post Office £29 approx. This made the total cost of the filter around £150. I have yet to use it, waiting for a suitable night!
  7. Well, no. The didn't say exactly why, other than that they had done a little research and were very sorry. I did see this other device but I cannot work out how it would connect to the bins. I have been trying to upload a pic of the Tento, but can't make the file small enough!
  8. Sadly this camera shop does not believe the clamp will work with the Tento. Perhaps I will be adopting the squeegee mop approach! thanks for the suggestion though.
  9. Thanks Steve. Looks interesting and inexpensive. I will defo check it out!
  10. Just came across this thread as I have just acquired some Tento 10 X 50 bins. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to remove the cap with the serial number. Is it a screw thread, or should it 'pop' off? Any suggestions for a tool so on accomplish this, so I would like to be able to mount them somehow - they are pretty heavy for me. Many thanks.
  11. Thanks for both these helpful replies. It is a great report, of course, so it is definitely a UHC for me at present, just have to decide how many pennies to part with!
  12. Everything really, although I appreciate there is no such thing as a perfect answer for all targets! However, being realistic, it is a question of finances so I would want to first add the filter that will give the most all round improvement for the greatest number of targets. I really also want to understand the practicability of attaching a filter to a diagonal. Thanks.
  13. I am now in the market for a good general purpose filter and also need something usable for 2" and 1.25" eyepieces. I have a Moonlite focuser and I was contemplating threading the 2" filter on to the SCT end of my diagonal. My Revelation diagonal seems to have a suitable thread. Any thoughts? Also, has anyone had a chance to compare the ES UHC with the Orion Ultrablock? Many thanks.
  14. Hi there Some help needed please. I have an 9.25 (Evo) with a Moonlite focuser. It is the regular SCT version without the longer flange for inserting the FR. Does anyone know where I would slot the 6.3 focuser in the optical train, using with a ZWO camera or eyepiece for visual. Many thanks.
  15. I see there were no replies to this, but, as I have also just purchased an EVO 925, I am too considering focusing options. What did you go for and how does it work for you.
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