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  1. Hi guys! I just thought I'd update you on this. It did turn out to be a fault with the mount, so we returned it and got a Celestron Nextar 127 SLT instead, which we star aligned in about 2 minutes!! After all that effort and thinking it was us haha! Thanks again for all your help and advice
  2. Thanks so much for all your responses Re the power supply - we used brand new, non-rechargeable Energizer alkaline power 1.5V batteries whilst out last night, and a 12v, 5 amp power supply at home. The power requirements listed in the manual is 750 mA (0.75 amps). It displays exactly the same behaviour using both, oddly enough. If you mean this Maplin product - http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/maplin-20w-switched-mode-acdc-multi-voltage-power-supply-l06brour supplies more than that so it should be fine there. My partner say it's almost definitely not the power that's the issue. It does move in the alt & az when using buttons on the hand set, in all directions. Not sure about starting point for the 2-star align? I don't recall seeing a prompt for this. It just said to choose first star and gave a list of all in the database. We bought the telescope through Amazon, it was listed as only having a minor cosmetic fault, so we can't turn to the supplier for help here, unfortunately. We're going to give it another go in the house just now to see if we can get any joy before then probably returning it, to be honest I'll look into the Baker Street Astro group! Unfortunately my partner works away during the week and I'm otherwise engaged every Weds evening for the foreseeable future, though, sadly. We're getting to know the Flamsteed Astro Group as they meet on Saturdays which is more convenient for our hectic weekly schedules!
  3. My partner and I bought our first telescope recently, a Celestron NexStar 102 SLT. We took it out for the first time last night and spent 3-4 hours trying to star-align it unsuccessfully. We used Sky-Align, one-star, two-star and three-star align methods (there was only one solar system object visible, so we couldn't try solar-system align). Every single time it came back as failed, and each method was tried 5-6 times, if not more. There were a couple of times with the one-star alignment where it said that it was successful, but the telescope followed this by rotating on it's alt az mount continuously and aimlessly until we had to switch it off to stop it from doing so. We have put all the information in the hand-set correct to our knowledge, including location by degrees, minutes & seconds latitude and longitude using a GPS app on our phones to enter the exact coordinates. We put the date in American style but it was 8/8/15 anyway, the time zone we put as GMT and then set controller to Universal Time and Standard, but also tried Daylight Savings time with GMT+1 (basically both ways in which it can produce the time zone that we're in, in England). When we first set the tripod up we had the bubble level of the scope centred, but I did notice when we dismantled this was a little off centre (we weren't on exactly flat ground, but we had adjusted the tripod legs to sort this out) I wondered if this could be a factor in our issues, but it was doing the same continuous rotation thing when we tried a one star-align in our living room on hard-wooden floors with the bubble level aligned correctly. The telescope was mounted correctly as per the instructions. We used the Stellarium app to locate the stars after finding Saturn, and were very accurate in using the finder-scope to align the stars, and then centring it in the eyepiece - we also tried to use stars as far apart as possible, such as Arcturus and Caph. After a while, we tried a factory reset on the NexStar hand control as some forums suggested, but that didn't work either. Does anybody know if it's us...or if the telescope is faulty? The continuous rotation of it after an alleged "successful" one-star align seems to suggest this. Any help would be so much appreciated - thanks in advance!
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