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  1. all you need to do now is to figure out where its gonna live on your scope
  2. ive got a few but like all the other apps on my phone i end up not using them at all. skeye googlesky astronomy light compass astro panel gps status
  3. my first instinct was to buy straight away, but before you part with money you should learn the sky, it really helps, you only need your eyes, and some good reading material. go check out your garden, whats it like there, a good view of the sky, is it north/south facing? Any street lights in view? also, do some reading on what you will see, as i know a lot of poeple come into this hobby with too high expectations
  4. bbc weather is terrible. I just play it by ear. I set up my dob in the early evening and I pop my head out the door every so often and usually get a good hour or something of viewing. I don't usually stay out that long (the joys of using a dob). I work pretty early in the morning and I always see orion when u wake up, which is pretty painful
  5. from my skies the hercules cluster and the cluster directly above it resembles the wild duck in appearance. unfortunately from my skies they resolve into faint fuzzies with no real definition
  6. i couldnt find anything for ages and thought maybe it was the light pollution. i can now find stuff now, and the neodymium filter didn't realy help at all, the telrad does though! i prefer the 32mm to my 25mm as well
  7. On stellarium press f4, there is a light pollution option. I put mine on 8 or 7 depending on how good the night is (very poor seeing to be fair I wish I waqs 3-4 or something!). My pollutions is bad, so usually I can see the big constellations only, like ursor major, cygnus etc, and on better day I wil be able to see all the stars in aquila sometimes there is one or two missing), and I adjust the settings so it looks like what I can see with the naked eye. On the nebulae tab I move it up until only the brightest are located, but the ring nebuae doesn't show up sometimes but its definitely one of the easier to see despite it being "less bright"
  8. The tal barlows are always out of stock, probably because they are such good value for money, or they don't make them anymore? Are you looking for higher magnification as you already said 10mm barlowed gives crisp images? I've been looking at 6mm eyepieces too but I have a slightly larger budget = 6mm Orthoscopic (too narrow for me so definitely out of the question) = 6mm TMB = 5mm BST Explorer = 6mm Vixen NPL = 6mm Vixen NLV = 6.7mm Explore Scientific 82 = 6.7mm Meade UWA 82 = 6mm Televue Delos
  9. New items found m15, m2 and the Dumbell m27 Could not find m101 tonight, despite clearest night in a long time
  10. check the light pollution in your area as well, it will have the biggest impact on what you can see
  11. i have a variable filter and don't use it to be honest :s
  12. I think the orthoscopic is out of the running for me as I don't like nudging so much, I am looking for an alternative planetary 6mm that will not break the bank, the only contenders seem to tbe the TMB 6mm, or WO SPL at the minute
  13. I have tried on two nights for m29, cannot see anything, but cygnus is a busy constellation
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