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  1. Checked into this a lot, prior to cleaning my primary (which I have still not done due to moving home). Best bet would be distilled water, but thats not to easy or cheap to get in the UK. So next best is final good rinse with R.O. water available at any good Aqua store, for pennys/litre.
  2. Bit too much mag' really, more mag means harder to achieve exact focus as well, esp' with a single speed focuser.
  3. Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Hitchhiker, to the best/friendliest Astro forum on the Web.
  4. Thanks for the info pmesquita, About to embark upon a filter/s purchase odyssey, so any info such as this esp' in a chart/table form is a very useful reference. Thanks again.
  5. Daft question! Are you sure the focuser/secondary housing tube is in the fully extended/out position? It would cause the lack of back focus you describe!
  6. Just to confirm TopHouses opinion on the Orion Eyepiece Centering Adaptor, I got one a few months back and I can't imagine going back to the screw tightening malarky (ever) . One of the best astro buys I've ever made (if not the best - considering the low cost) . P.S. Never have to read the "..... eyepiece is not centred... collimation wont be true... blah blah..." arguments/discussions again .
  7. Bang on! I was a bit concerned about how difficult it may be, and after taking advice on here I bought a cheshire, and followed Astro Babys guide. I now have to confess, I must be sick, because I really enjoy collimating my scope. I would (and have) completely stripped down the telescope and rebuilt with no concerns at all. As long as you have some common sense it should be a breeze after a couple of go's. Get a cheshire and learn how to do it, then if you feel you need/want it, get a decent laser to nail the last bit out of the primary. The main effort regarding collimation on a newt is getting the secondary correct.
  8. Yeh, I hate the feeling I get when I have to crush my cornea against the EP lens.
  9. Need the extra ER from Planetarys (or sim'), I really struggle with plossls/orthos below about 12mm FL because of the lack of ER.
  10. Thanks John, Link duly noted! Wonder if everyones waiting on stock of the new Planetary II's
  11. Hi, Does anyone know where I could purchase an 8mm or 9mm Burgess Optical/TMB Planetary from a reputable UK supplier? I've checked all the usual suspects but can't seem to find any . Might have to resort to a TS clone HR eyepiece.
  12. I would be very interested in any feedback you get on the Panaview, thinking about the 32mm 2" myself (have been for quite a while).
  13. Wish you good luck with it. Couple of links which might be useful : Stellafane Telescope Making telescope mirror kits. how to build a newtonian telescope The Cloudynights forum has a lot of info/post on mirror making in the ATM section.
  14. It's been on a couple of times now, seem to think it was a higher starting price previously and he's gradually bringing it down!
  15. Yeh, was toying with buying it, but carrier was about £45-90. Even if seller would agree to pack it.
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