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  1. Ben_dingo


    Salut Philippe et bienvenue au salon des astronomes! Je souhait que vous avez les ciels dégagés afin de pouvoir voir les etoiles!
  2. Thanks, Steve and Dave!
  3. Hi Dave, Brilliant, thanks! My GKs were £30 on eBay (feeling slightly ripped off now!) and are really good for the money.
  4. Hi, I have a pair of Greenkats too, but 10X50. I notice yours have a little cross-head screw on the front of the central bar. Is that where I would screw a tripod mount? If so, what size mount would I need? Many thanks!
  5. I love the picture of the Milky Way over the church. Spectacular!
  6. Amazing! Such beautiful images. I love the spiral galaxy and the red marbling on the splinter galaxy.
  7. Ben_dingo

    Moving stars

    Sorry using my phone. I meant to quote the above and say that I googled "satellite iridium flare" and found a video. I can confirm that is what I saw. It's the first time I've seen something that isn't a constellation or a star, and it feels amazing!
  8. Ben_dingo

    Moving stars

    Ah cool, thanks!
  9. First off, I think this is a great forum and source of material. Everyone has been super-friendly and the South Wales group have taken me under their collective wing (until they meet me, when they will probably throw me in the Usk!) As feedback, could we have a sticky on useful books to consult? There are many good recommendations but nothing codified, as such. Something on the background to astronomy, both the practical science and the theory, would be extremely helpful. Apologies if this is already there and I have missed it!
  10. Ben_dingo

    Moving stars

    I was observing with binoculars last night and I noticed what at first I thought was a bright star, though I hadn't seen anything there in the sky before. It was much whiter than any of the other stars and moved very quickly across the sky until it began to fade out. It disappeared after a few seconds. I thought at first it was a comet or a meteor, but could it have been a satellite or space junk, as suggested on this thread? I was observing about 11pm. Welcome to SGL, Andrew!
  11. Ben_dingo

    Hello from Ben_Dingo

    Hi, Many thanks for the warm welcome! Diolch yn fawr! I look forward to coming to the Blaenavon meet! William
  12. Ben_dingo

    Hello from Ben_Dingo

  13. Ben_dingo

    Hello from Ben_Dingo

    Hi everyone! I am new to astronomy and am just beginning to take an interest in the cosmos. I have mostly done binocular stargazing and lunar gazing and I am thinking of getting a telescope soon, to see more deep sky phenomena. I studied the Classics at university and got into astronomy mostly from its connexion to classical myth. I am based in Newport and hope to go to some meets in the South Wales area soon. William

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