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  1. Hi, I´m currently working on building a motorized barndoor tracker for my Canon 700D/T5i. I'm planning on capturing the brighter dso's like Andromeda/Orion/Pleiades. The camera kit I bought included a 18-55 f3.5-5.6 lens, but I don't think this lens can get the dso's close enough, and also I don't think it's good for widefield milky way shots because of it's small aperture/poor light gathering capability. I'm thinking of buying the following lens for widefield milky way shots: LINK I think this is a pretty solid choice, any good(maby cheaper) alternatives? Also i'm planning to get a cheap zoo
  2. Hi, Everyone I ask tells me that canon is better for astrophotography because of it's 3rd party software support, but I don't understand when this comes in handy. Can someone give me real examples where canon comes on top of nikon because of it's software support? I'm having doubts about buying Canon over Nikon because every review on the net concludes that nikon has way better low light performance and can handle higher ISO better than Canon. This would make it better choice for astrophotography, but every astrophographer recommends Canon. What am I suppose to buy now??
  3. Hallo, I want to buy a DSLR that is mainly gonna be used for daylight/indoor use(Photo and video). The camera will also be used to take picture of the milky way and maby the bright and large dso's like M31 and M45. Basically after reading/watching a ton of reviews it seems to me that Nikon is better camera for daylight/indoor use and Canon is better for astrophotography because software support? - Is it true that Nikon is better for daylight/indoor photography and filming than Canon in general? - What would be a scenario in which the canon is better for astrophotography because of it's softwar
  4. Northeast p Probably Andromeda Galaxy, Traingulum galaxy is probably too faint to see through a bino 7*50. Can you give us a time estimate?
  5. Ok so the bst copies posted here exceed my budget. Are the vixen NPL 8(or 10?) and 30 mm eyepieces my best option? I know the field of view isn't great, but both are probably better that the included eyepieces. I want to buy the 30 mm eyepiece as a replacement of the included celestron 25 mm eyepiece.
  6. Hi, I dropped my 9mm eyepiece that was included with my telescope. The drop resulted in a dent on the lens and rendered it useless. My telescope is the celestron nexstar 127 SLT. I only have the 25mm eyepiece left. The magnification it gives(60x) is not enough for planetary observing. I'm looking for a new eyepiece aimed at planetary viewing. After reading some topics about eyepieces, I came to the conclusion that the two best eyepieces within my budget(€50,-) are: 1. BST Explorer(8 mm?) 2. Vixen NPL(8 or 10mm) People also recommended the baader classic ortho 10 mm which is exceeds my budget.
  7. Hi, I own a Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT and I tried making a collimation cap for it from a metal container cap i had lying around. This is how it turned out: - You can see the black spots because the metal coating is abraded. It's not dirty. - I heard the inside of the collimation cap should be shiny, is this true? Does my DIY collimation cap look okay? The cap itself is 4.5 cm and the hole is about 2 mm. I did test the cap on my scope and this is how it looks through the hole: As you can see, the white ring is a bit off-center. Is it necessary to correct this? If yes, which screws should I us
  8. Yes I am gonna replace them, they are very cheap so why not. Did you have this issue with your Away telescopes?
  9. OK so here is my experience with this monocular: M13 and M31 look like fuzzy smudges. You can see craters on the moon but more magnification is needed to obtain impressive views of the moon. Saturn just looks like a Bright star and no moons are visible. I couldnt make auto albireo(or couldnt find is).
  10. Thank you, I found this ones: https://www.conrad.nl/nl/batterijhouder-d-voor-4-penlites-l-x-b-x-h-615-x-30-x-315-mm-615579.html The probably will work.
  11. Hi, The Maplin one seems to be a power supply unit not a battery. I cant use it without connecting it to the mains right? Also I can t order the Skywatcher/Celestron one. I get a popup saying The delivery method you have specified is invalid for your location. I dont get the option to change delivery method.
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