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  1. Hi there, Incredibly happy that someone from Reddit recommended that I join this site - and that I found an area of the forum for us Essex-(ers?)! I've just got my hands on my first telescope - a Skywatcher 200p, but have been unlucky these past couple of days with finding anything as the clouds just won't go away! I'll be sure to pop-in-and-out here and again to see if there are any meetups around the Essex area that are within a reasonable distance to me. Cheers!
  2. Hey, I'm new to Astronomy, and to find out that this might happen is amazing! I live just outside of Chipping Ongar, so I'm literally 10-20(ish) minutes from High Easter. Any news? Dan
  3. MrFloodey

    Good Day!

    Good Day! I'm Dan. I've been interested in astronomy for the past few years, and finally felt it was right to purchases a telescope. I ended up purchasing a Skywatcher 200p for just shy of £260, which I'm extremely happy with as it's in incredible condition! Can't wait to explore the night skies!
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