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  1. I am using one of these here, https://www.altairastro.com/Altair-Hypercam-IMX183C-Colour-Astronomy-CMOS-Camera.html It takes lots of getting used to, I have an EOS 6D and an EOS 60DA (original) and this took me 6 months to get used to, and I still have a lot to learn. It is a totally different setup and naturally requires a PC or Laptop that needs to be pretty high-end since the camera is a 20 MP USB 3.0 and can give you a high FPS, which, in turn, means you just do not buy the Camera, but also need a device to run it with. I run mine with a modified NUC I7 directly from the mount/scope
  2. Did you get your CGEM to work/repaired? If not are you interested in selling some parts? Ernest
  3. Did you get your CGEM to work/repaired? If not are you interested in selling some parts? Ernest
  4. I shaved the spacer off with a lathe and then used a 5 mm extension to get it exactly right without another spacer or shim or anything else, but the GEOPTIK peeps should have done that..........
  5. They must have made the spacer too short on purpose so that you need to buy more spacers because we all know that it needs 12.1 mm and the 9.5 max is just not enough this is what sucks when all the manufacturers make junk and you need to spend more money just to get the things to work instead of working out of the box. I am not aware of ANY Canon lens that will focus with less than 44 mm total BF. it just totally sucks
  6. I may have been bad luck, it is fixed now and I am looking forward to doing some nice pics this fall and winter C8Edge/C 9.25/Starwave 152mm refractor and EOS 6D, 60 Da, ZWO mono 120 mm, and the newest one, an Altair 183C hypercam (with the sony 183 sensor) great pictures of yours Chris !!
  7. My EOS 60Da lost it when I was at a very, very dark site in the Colorado Rockies! I wanted to start shooting pictures of the Milky way and NOTHING......After taking it to a Camera specialty shop in Colorado Springs (they would not touch it) I sent it to Canon in California, a few days later they sent me an email indicating that the power board was defective - to make it short it cost me almost 500$ to get it fixed, but that was worth it because of all the cameras I have owned, DSLR and CCD/CMOS, it gave the Greatest Images with the least hassle and no need for a laptop or anything heavy to lu
  8. Okay, then I am not alone, I was trying to find another way to do this but I guess that's the way to go, thanks.
  9. No, not using it at the 1.25 setup, that would defeat the purpose of the 2" eyepiece, for visual I am using it at full 2" and need spacer rings to use it with the stock 3" focuser without any flattener/reducer combo-just the original tube/barrel assy. for Imaging it needs 3 x 40mm spacers to even get it near the camera sensor focus. Any ideas welcome. Ernest
  10. I am using a Baader Hyperion 36 mm 72° eyepiece with the Starwave 152mm Refractor and cannot get focus unless I use extensions for visual - for imaging it is imposible. Any Ideas ? Ernest Ernest
  11. Does anyone know where to get replacement brass ring for the 2" focusers ? Only the insert is needed, i bought a refractor nd some nut replaced the brss with something else and even though i sanded and polished it, it in no way comes close to the brass rings.
  12. I just bought one in white also with the 3" focuser, what do you suggest to complete the scope as far as optics are concerned, mount is not a factor, hace a CGEM DX which i just hypertuned and now is great, and for lighter times an AVX it should do it for visual...Do i need a flattener or a reducer combo, i will be using a eos 6D and 60 Da for AP. Ernest
  13. I have the celestron 2" diagonall for SCT use, does anyone know where i can buy the screw-on nosepiece for use of the diagonal in a refractor ? Ernest
  14. Of course i used the 8SE on a avx mount not the altaz mount that a SE comes with 8SE + avx is good for 4 min exposures , the longest i have tried ! pic is with a Canon eos 6D on moonlite and feathertouch micro focusers, yes both of em...
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