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  1. Many thanks for all the replies, I've decided to go with a used Altair GPCAM3 3 mono and learn the ropes!
  2. I’d be interested in the Zwo Asi 1600mm if you decide to split depending on the price. cheers.
  3. Wow great photo! so I’m a bit confused now. Undersampling is ok? Oversapling is bad? Will a 414ex be a better camera for my Altair 80 refractor (500mm, f6.2) plus x0.8 reducer the. The zwo asi178? I also have a skywatcher 200 pds. many thanks!
  4. Thanks Adam. However looking at the CCD suitability calculator I'm getting 3.46 " / pixel for my Lightwave 80 with 0.8X which will mean its massively under sampled right?
  5. So I think I’m gonna go for a mono, cooled camera. Looking at the ASI290MM-COOL, 178, 385.... which would suite my needs better?
  6. Ah that’s interesting, will take a look at those. I bought a used ZWO ASI185MC Cool a couple years back for £300 but it’s only suitable for planetary stuff as it has an issue with amp glow on anything upwards of 2-3” exposures. So I’m a bit hesitant on buying ZWO again.
  7. I’ve seen a 600d for £179 at London camera exchange with a warranty ... then just gotta get it modified... think I’ll try this over the winter learn the basics...Then maybe look for a used cooled cmos / ccd, unless anyone can suggest something else worth trying at £500 ish?
  8. Wish there was a TEC cooled dso camera for £500-600
  9. Isnt this guy sponsored by them? Seen his website.
  10. V2 is just fan cooled. You can get the TEC cooled one but it adds £300 and is way over my budget.
  11. Hi guys, So I want to start some DSOAstrophotography. I have a relatively low budget of £500 for a camera. Kit I have already: HEQ5, Altair astro Lightwave 80 with 0.8 reducer,Skywatcher 200PDS, ZWO ASI185MC Cool. I now want to do more DSO stuff without breaking the bank, so shall I get a Canon 600D modified or the Altair Astro 183 pro V2? cheers.
  12. Ah thanks guys, I just bought the Altair Lightwave 80 Scope from Tring Astronomy Centre (excellent shop)! It´s really well made, looks awesome...I also bought the Altair x.08 reducer flattener. Now I'm happy! Cant wait to get out there!
  13. Great thanks....there's the Altair Astro version of the Equinox in my local store that I might go and see in next couple days. Are these essentially the same optics and Schott glass as the SW Equinox? Would they use the same flattener?
  14. Thanks guys...any other views on these scopes?
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