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  1. Hi, I recently bought Coronado SM90/BF15 solar set with intention to double stack my Lunt100. I received it yesterday but have no adapter yet. My curiosity was stronger than mind so I bought strong adhesive tape and attached it to the scope. Result? It works great!!! Lot of details on the surface! I am delighted. I tested it with Lunt and Coronado blocking filters. With Coronado diagonal the view is brighter but there's lot of reflections beside of the Sun. But visible only at low powers, usual in double stacking. Lunt diagonal shows no reflections and the view with more contrast.
  2. Hi, I took nice photo today. It looks like there is a face on the surface with great filament.
  3. Thanks to all of you for good words
  4. Shots from yesterday, no words needed.
  5. I have HP dv5 series (2.0GHz 3GB RAM). But I think I solved the problem. How? I don;t really know I downloaded newest software and firmware from PGR site and some other soft reccomended if the problems occure. I took two sessions, yesterday and today. Yesterday I used FlyCap (provided by PGR) and in the fastest speed still had torn images. I was able to take 14 fps without any problems. Today I used FireCapture and have no problems AT ALL. I managed to take even18fps. FireCapture enables to give fps rate but forgot to test it... In FlyCapture you can also give fps but the camera does what it want without control, looks like it is max. fps rate and depends on the hardware ability at the moment.
  6. In Y16 speed is getting down by half. So I use Y8 mode. Due to my problems with torn images I have to use slower mode. I found today that my problem with torn frames (verticaly and horizontaly) comes from my laptop. Hardware or settings. Still don't know what...
  7. I don't know if it helps but you can find some of my solar shots using PTgrey Chameleon HERE Resolution is beautiful but provided software is awful I have problems in high speed and have to lower it to get stable frames in avi. So far had no time to check what's wrong but the images are devided in 4 parts in most of frames (parts change place...) and are completely unusable in stacking. Will play with FireCapture soon
  8. I can help with Avistack if you wish
  9. Wow! I wish I had weather to see it. Olly, try to use Avistack. I have better results with it than with Registax. It takes more time to process one photo but I like it more
  10. Bill, the scope is wonderful! Even in high magnifications it works great. There is a guy from France at CN forum who has LS100 with BF3400 and uses Ethos 3,7mm. He said he has full disc at 180x It needs good weather conditions at high power but I used 5,5mm ep and it was still nice and bright. My aim is to get internal double stack unit (if it will be available...). I can't even imagine the views I use Point Grey Research Chameleon B/W camera for imaging. It has 1280x960 resolution but with 15 fps only. It is not speed deamon but performs well
  11. Thanks Olly The last one was not sharp enough, here is much better version:
  12. Close-up at filament and a "hole" Barlow x2 / 650 frames
  13. I wish I had good weather yesterday but... I had today
  14. Hi! Thank you for good words There is no proper weather for imaging. Clouds or mist only... Hopefully days are getting longer Sheri_barri, double stacked 60mm is still very nice. It gave me lot of fun. I wait for pricing Lunt's internal double stack units. But I am afraid of 100mm DS, my heart is strong but I'm not sure if enough to survive the first look through it
  15. Hi, I had quite long break but I am back with new equipment. New scope (LS100THa), new mount (HEQ-5) and new camera (PTGrey Chameleon). Conditions for Sun observing and imaging are poor but I can see huge difference in comparison to my previous solar scope - LS60Tha DS50. In short: LS100THa scope is solid and heavy. Feather Touch focuser works great, Lunt gives it in standard. Pressure Tuner is a big improvement in comparison to tilting system. I am delighted! Pics will tell more than words. My first attempts with 100-150 frames per photo only. I usually used 1500-3000 frames with my previous setup so I expect much better pics in a future
  16. Last winter I tried to catch Horse Head using 12" Newtonain and H-Beta filter from Lumicon. My friend saw "something" and I probably saw "something". No details at all. I think 12" is not enough to see it in not very dark sky area (as I live). We will try again this year, this time with 16" Newtonian
  17. Brian, I love your activity reports. Fantastic shots Here are some of my pics from friday. Lunt60+DS50 and Lumenera LU070M
  18. My shots from yesterday Lunt60 DS50 + Lumenera LU070M + Barlow x2
  19. Brian, great shots!!! Here are mine
  20. Awesome images! My goal is to get shots as good as yours
  21. Thanks for encourage Here is the next shot from the same session
  22. Hi My first time ever using Lunt LS60THa DS50 and Lumenera LU070M. Only 11 sec. of material (ca.600 frames), stacked ca.340 frames. Have no experience in capturing and processing but I am satisfied with the results. Just take a look: No drive used, had no time to align mount (NexStar).
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