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  1. Peter, as stationary scope it's not a big deal. I wish to achieve not more than 100kg and if I get under 80kg I will be delighted. Mirror weights ca. 40kg so have another 40kg to put into the structure. It will be portable scope but I can't sacrifice stability to get it lighter. Some things just have to be heavy... We will see, hope it will be lot of fun not a frustration
  2. Moonshane, if it will be necesary, I will use black HIPS or thin terrarium/aquarium foam to make dewshield.
  3. How heavy is your 30"? This 22" weights ca. 65kg in total. For me it's still too much but there was no intention to loose weight. Had no time to do it and my customer didn't mind it. I am during making 24" structure and I already make it lighter where I can. I use three layers of plywood (4mm+12mm or 15mm+4mm) and in 12/15mm I make holes, after giving 4mm from both sides it's lighter and still stiff. Much more work but result is great
  4. Hello, Thanks for good words I have a couple of pics with completed scope. P.S. Peter, I am starting making 30" the next month
  5. Hello again after longer break Finally I had a chance to do focusing test yesterday. Everything is perfect, no need to cut and now I can put a black paint on the poles. Good balancing and scope is moving smooth. Street lamps flashed straight into the dob (don't have light shroud yet) but M57 was still very nice
  6. Ok, have pics Unfortunately I dont't have all the poles ends so I can't fiinish the dob. Still don't know how it happened... I have them somewhere but found only two... Will have new set in the end of the week What's left to do? Attach pole ends, balance the scope, fix side bearings, but first of all - some lathe work with knurled bolts. Have to take some thread off to fit my design. Will show it when it's done. On one photo I shown linear bearing (inside primary box). I have string edge support for the primary and it will be fixed to linear bearings, During collimation primary will change it's position as well as the string. It will reduce astigmatism to minimum. Take a look
  7. Not a problem. If you will not be able to make some parts, I can make them for you
  8. Thank you Yes I have a progress and I am goint to finish it in a week. I had some brake in making but I got back to it two weeks ago. I am finishing secondary cage today - painting spider and flocking it inside. Plywwod is painted and looks awesome Will post some pics soon.
  9. I only say what I saw. I was observing at two StarParties through "twin mirror" in a scope I made last year to my friend. He has Ethos eps, coma is visible but do not hit eyeballs Lot of people was looking through it and no one complained on coma. More other nice things were visible Best M13 I've ever seen...
  10. Thanks Conditions were quite poor and I had a little problem with focusing the image. Late afternoon is not good for solar imaging as well as cirrus clouds. I usually take pics earlier but after 5 months of break, I couldn't complain The result is better than I expeceted
  11. Thanks With very good eyepieces, coma corrector is not needed Frame for triangles is ready. A little bit too long ends will be cut. Tomorrow - drilling day
  12. Hi, Some time ago I started with new project - 22" F/3,75 dob. I have optics from my trusted maker. The rest is in my hands Almost all work with plywood is done. Side bearings are partially prepared (two 12mm layers). Have to admit that octagonal style requires much more work than standard cube... Next step: mirror cel. I have laser cut parts for 27 points cell. Tomorrow I will weld the frame for it
  13. Hi, I'm back after long break Coronado SM90 DS (on 102/714mm apo), PTGrey Chamelon, 4/10 conditions, 1428mm FL.
  14. But how to explain it to our children...
  15. Thank you guys I have a bomb! I ordered three mirrors today - 24", 30" and 32". Will be ready next year (spring-summer) but I think the time will go faster than I expect. I don't know if to mention about two quartz 370mm because these tiny scopes could work as finders
  16. I used 180° cable sling at center of gravity and 27 points floating mirror cell.
  17. There are first sketched made by the owner: one of theme is a recent asod: http://www.asod.info/?paged=2 He is professional painter If you think 22" is a really big project, you're wrong I am ordering... 30" mirrors to make another two big scopes P.S. Moonshane, I still remember about your questions. Will post some pics of 16" scope soon.
  18. I can't check it but I think it was ca.2 meters.
  19. Guys, it's not real carbon fibre I hope the owner will use it, not only admire it Yup, it's not made for me, I am just a little maker...
  20. Moonshane, I will put some pics later. I base on CNC machined parts to have everything with proper accuracy. I am also making other 16" dob so I will show you how it may look. I have trusted mirror maker here in Poland, he make awesome mirrors. I had F/5 mirrors with accuracy at L/12-L/16 range. The best he made for me was L/27!!! I have another 22" mirror (under my bed ) with L/8 accyracy but with F/3.7 ratio it's still great. In general the slower the mirror, accuracy is better. Paracorr should be used, I think there will be no choice even with Ethos eps
  21. It's not very heavy. I predict it weights ca.40-45kg. It still can be moved by one (not weak) person but it balaces on the edge. Primary cage with mirror weights not more than 30kg and I am able to take it alone. Two persons are preffered to install it but not necessary
  22. Hi, I've just finished my the biggest (so far) dob project It's 22" F3.7 (FL 2060mm, Lambda/9) truss dobsonian of my own design. It took me only three weeks to make it but my wife almost divorced me It was worth, just take a look:
  23. I only wanted to say that there are ways to make fully automated DSC with hi-res encoders without breaking the bank. I made a couple of sets with USB or BlueTooth connection that work great with PC, Palm or iPhone But I will understand that more fun you have finding objects using this kind of mod. I know people who don't even want to hear about go-to or DSC and and say that those who use electronics should burn in hell
  24. Being ATM enthusiast I like to look at any mods but I know that digital setting circles (USB or BlueTooth) can be made for ca. 100GBP so is there any sense in making this kind of mod?
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