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  1. Thanks all for the advice, I'll try again this weekend with the RDF see if I can get on better. Think I'll try setup in daylight. Cheers
  2. sdkfz181 yes thats correct. I seemed to do better with eye one shut but the manual said to align with two eyes, I had a couple of failed skyalign attempts restless grandchildren getting cold come on grandad we want to look at the stars.
  3. Cheers laudropb, I looked at the Rigel, what 9x50 RACI do you use with it? and is it easy to mount two finders on one tube or do you swap them over. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have just bought the Nexstar Evolution 6 and this is my first scope. After trying it out last night I struggled with the red dot finderscope, It seems very arkward for me to use. Can anyone suggest a better finderscope for this scope. I will only be able to use the scope at weekends(work) and need quick setup because of young grandchildren. I looked at the starsense camera as this looks very easy to align the scope but would it not be suited to this scope. Thanks tosh66.
  5. tosh66

    Hi All

    I am new to astronomy and have just bought my first scope, Nexstar Evolution 6. I live in Nottingham but will do most of my viewing in Derbyshire where I have a caravan. tosh66
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