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  1. thanks for the reply Charic, yes it looks in perfect condition, but yes i was not able to tell the difference between this and the standard ep, however i do love the larger FOV. i shall check out the starguiders for my next purchase in the future. what would you say the maximum zoom would be for my 200p on a clear night (as in milky way is visible). because i would like to get a high power ep for planetary viewing but not sure what would be the limit. thanks
  2. would like a nice clear night tonight!

  3. hello fellow stargazers! I hope I am in the right area here as this is the first time I have posted in stargazers lounge. I have gotten back into the joys of astronomy over the past year using an explorer 130p. On my Birthday in june i was then brought a 200p dobsonian.. and wow what an upgrade! i decided however to go and buy myself a new eyepiece. i searched the internet for days and found an Antares Speers-Waler 7.5mm in like new condition for £65 and when reading on forums this was a steal as it is around £170 new. so i made the purchase and it turned up a few days, it looks in perfect condition, the ebayer sold other astronomy items and 100% positive feedback. from what i had read an ep, especially one of this level would be a vast upgrade over the standard ep that came with the scope. i tested out the new ep and while i did appreciate the 82 degree FOV that is very nice, i could not see no other differences? in fact the 10mm ep, may actually look a little clearer than the Speers Waler... ive looked the ep over and it seems immaculate. i just wondered what your thoughts on the matter are, it doesnt seem like the ep is damaged because it still gives a loovely clear image, but no clearer than the supplied cheapo 10mm. thankyou, happy start hunting!
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