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  1. I can't really afford a cheshire just now. If I take my time I was hoping to do it without. Is it easy enough on this scope?
  2. Ok, change of plan.. I did some more reasearch and decided to go for the 8mm BST plus a 2x Barlow so I have a few more options. It's a fairly cheap Barlow but we'll se ehow it goes. Eitherway the 8mm should give me a good range of things to look at and should be much nicer than the supplied 10mm.
  3. Thanks for all the reples. So I am thinking of buying a 5mm BST eyepiece as my only addition to the scope. Does this sound wise? This will exhaust my budget, but it sounds like it will be better than buying a couple of cheap plossis or a barlow. Does that sounds correct? Thanks
  4. Hi, Great forum you have here. Based on previous posts I found I've just ordered myself a Heritage 130p scope. I am currently in the UK but I'm heading back to Thailand next week where I live and taking the scope with me. I live on a small island in the gulf of Thailand called Koh Tao. The stars are very beautiful there, not a whole lot of light polution, and I have a roof top patio which should be perfect for observing. I just have a few questions as everything I've read is very much tailored to people in Europe/North America getting started in Astronomy. I believe I will need some more eye pieces to get the most out of my scope. I think I can only really afford to get 1 extra good quality one, so which would be best. I know the scope comes with 25mm and 10mm. I'd like something else to give me nice views of Jupiter, Saturn and some DSOs. I was thinking maybe a good quality 4mm? From what I understand, as there isn't a whole lot of light polution where I am this should be a good one to let me see the planets up close and would be better quality than buying a barlow 2x to use with the supplied lenses. Any suggestions? I read a lot of about scope cool down time. The scope will be kept in my house, but the windows are all always open, there is no heating and I try not to use the aircon. With this in mind does it mean my scope will have no cool down time? Are the scopes calibrated to work at a particular temperature? The night time temperature is usually around 25 degrees, which is much warmer than the UK at night time. Will I have to take this into account? I have the book Turn Left at Orion which I was hoping to use to get me started finding things to look at and learning about them. It seems this is written for people in the US. What is the best way to adapt this for Thailand? I was thinking of getting an android application which lets me point the phone at the sky and it tells me what to see. Any better ways of doing it? How delicate are these scopes? I am planning on removing the base and putting it in my luggage for the hold, then carrying the scope with me and wrapping it in my jacket in the overhead bag storage. Does this sound safe enough? Any other tips much appreciated, thanks
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