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  1. Another question ??? I'll be powering the mount from a 38AH battery via a cigarette lighter plug, My local auto shop only had 5amp fuses when in my limited understanding of things electrical I felt that 3amp would be appropriate. Don't want to fry the mount so should I keep looking for 3amp fuses ?
  2. The HEQ5 is my portable rig. All 35kgs of it. I'm treed in where I live so I have to travel a bit.
  3. Just had a look at some of your photos Mike. Wow. Most impressive. And the lens you used surprised me. My prime line-up is : Samyang 14m f2.8Nikon 28mm f1.8Sigma 150mm f2.8Nikon 300mm f4 plus a Nikon 1.4 T/CCan't wait to get sorted and try some of them.
  4. Thank you very much Mike. Just the info I was after. I'm very new to the astro world so please permit me a few newbie questions. I'm guessing that is some sort of guide scope alongside the camera and both are linked to a computer. Is that a dew heater on the lens? Does PHD work with all digital cameras? Looks like I may have to consider a laptop. Glad I got a 38AH Gel battery.
  5. Hi all, Other than my intro, this is my first post. I'm a keen photographer who's just got into nightscapes. I've just bought a SW HEQ5 mount, the basic one, but I have the GoTo kit on order. The SW manual is about as useful as a chocolate teapotl! I've got more info from this site than from the manual, however there are still a few (read that as 'many') grey areas. Once I realised that the mount is pretty much two separate sections I started to make some progress. These are the points I need confirmation or direction on. It is not crucial to have the mount absolutely level but needs to be reasonably so, and stableIt is not necessary to have the mount spot on to the South Pole (I'm down under) as there is a fair degree of adjustment with the azimuth adjustment knobs. This one threw me for a bit as I couldn't figure how it worked till I backed off the mount locking screw.The altitude adjustment 'T' bolts are only for fine tuning.One other thing I'm undecided on is the best way to attach my camera to the mount (Nikon D800 + lens, up to 3kg) either by attaching the camera direct to a dovetail plate or mounting my ball-head to the plate which gives me a bit more flexibility with aligning the camera to the mount. Cheers Kev
  6. I grew up on Taren Point (before it became flash) then Caringbah/Cronulla areas. The skies are not too bad if you go a bit west to get away from the horizon glow from Newcastle and Maitland. And pick your time and wind direction so the sky is not full of dust from all the open-cut mines. And I think all us guys underestimate the pulling power of a woman. Dragged you half way across the
  7. Thanks everyone. Now I just have to work out just what the eleventy-seven axis do, and the function of all the adjustment knobs. I keep telling myself that it is no way as steep a learning curve as the D800, and I guess it gets easier with practice.
  8. G'day Scott, Was originally from the Shire so know the 'gong well. Now settled in the Hunter Valley in a little town called Morpeth. I'll change my location to the Hunter Valley. And Mate, what are you doing back in the Old Dart ? Couldn't handle all the sunshine ?
  9. Hi, My ancestors came from Carmarthenshire.
  10. Wow, a forum where new member intro posts not only get read, but replied to as well. I'm a little overwhelmed. Thank you all very much for the friendly welcome.
  11. Hi all, I've been doing a lot of lurking recently looking for info and decided to join up. I'm a keen photographer who's recently been bitten by the Astrophotography Bug, hard ! My interest at this stage is Nightscapes. I use a Nikon D800 (would love the new D800A) and lens ranging from the Samyang 14mm f2.8 up to the Niikon 300mm f4. I'm facinated with the prospect of tying terrestial objects into a beautiful night sky, and to this end I've recentlly bought a HEQ5 mount. Looking forward to posting some shots from Down Under when I get it all sorted. Cheers Kev
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