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  1. So, did it work? I got Syscan v3 and made this cable but unfortunately no luck this time. What firmware revision is necessary for it to work with AZ-GTi?
  2. Just got one of these, complete with the tripod. Everybody says that the tripod is too wobly, mine was too. I have just tightened screws (4mm hex) between the legs and the top element, after that it is actually acceptable imho at least for my purpose - low to mid power visual with light OTA.
  3. Anyone knows (or tried) if it works with SkySafari? (Without Synscan hand controller)
  4. Robrj your M42 reminded me some of my first eaa experiences. ETX-70, Analog cctv, like 50m of wires and tons of fun And now we have such wonders like SLL and digital cams - pure magic. PS. Just realised this is multi-spectral thread - sorry
  5. Try to search the forum for starlightlive command line parameters. It was mentioned a while ago in one of the topics. PS. Seems like it doesn't work since v0.13 but Paul was working on it so maybe there is a chance in future release.
  6. Hi Just captured NGC6888. Result is pretty nice for me but bit far yet from EAA. I am still trying to figure out a way (almost there!) how to use my setup remotely with SLL but not everything works reliably yet. I still need to capture frames and than stack it. ES MN152/740 + SX825 bin2 6*60s Ha 7nm + Dark frames (nota bene: get yourself new mount or guiding for bin1) Captured with "AstroImager", stacked with "DSS" and stretched with "Fits Preview", 10 minutes from start to finish.
  7. Hi Excellent guiding and EAA camera Starlight Xpress Lodestar x2 color along with accessories and additional c-mount/1,25" adapter for sale - £300. Delivery cost at my side. I'm open for offers
  8. I got the same experience with focal reduction. I got a feeling that You really need lot of luck when You buy one
  9. That's nice. Isn't that tempting? As for the bigger sensor - I can't recall exactly but I am pretty sure that Hyperstar imaging circle is quite small, at least for 6". Not sure about 8" but if true then going for bigger chip You might experience some issues with equal illumination of the frame. PS. Just found more info Hyperstar 6" - up to 16mm diagonal sensor Hyperstar 8" (11" and 14" aswell) - up to 27mm diagonal sensor
  10. Very nice! What reducer are You using with C8 to get near f4?
  11. It does work however it depends on the screen size and input device imho. From my experience it is quite hard to adjust settings on 8" 720p resolution screen with fingers especially if it is cold Tested with Venue 8 pro and Venue 10 pro. Both with Intel atom CPU which didn't struggled at all with Starlightlive and SX Lodestar. I do not remember exactly which one but one of them once refused to respond after 30min work at -5C deg. Both tend to have delayed response time at low temperatures.
  12. Hi I am using baader t2 prism for visual and it is perfect at f9 but at f6 or lower it gives optical aberrations. I think it would be good idea not to use it with camera, especially near and below f6. Worth a try for sure.
  13. Nice captures. As for the black point cut off - haven't you used gradient removal tool in Astrolive? It looks to be working nice at first sight but when You take a look closely it can trash a portion if not whole object that You were trying to capture I have checked that on rosette nebulae - I could pull it out easily from the data but when gradient removal was used it just wasn't there anymore
  14. Another test session revealed very satisfying result for me. This time no dew, no clouds however with Moonlight. ES MN6"@f4.8 SX825 UV/IR Cut I think i said that already but, sum+mean really rocks 8* 4x15s bin 1x1, scope out of collimation and badly polar aligned mount
  15. I understand that this might be a bit much work but at least i will plant a seed maybe. How about autofocus Feature?
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