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  1. Fit like min? - welcome to SGL. I'm new myself and the guys on here are just great. Full of useful advice and practical tips (dos and don'ts - that sort of thing). I'm from Aberdeen originally (but now in Fife - duh!). Have you considered joining the Aberdeen and District Astronomical Society? I was a member yonks ago (c. 25 years ago, when I was a teenager). They were really friendly and helpful then, and I imagine not much has changed since. Like you, I'm hoping to get into astrophotography (see my recent posts), and have opted for the webcam approach before I get into using a Digital SLR. As I say, the guys on here are really helpful, and - it appears - no question is too naive! Dark Skies!
  2. Hi Ant - cool website. Particularly liked your transit of Venus Am also interested in your Saturn and Jupiter images. Any chance you could drop me a line when these links are live, please? Cheers!
  3. Thanks Martin. Helpful stuff. I think I may go for both webcam and DSLR - as there seem to be strong supporters of both approaches. I am looking at a Canon D300 SLR in addition to the Quickcam 3000. Am still trying to track down some (any!) images taken with these tools though.
  4. Thanks Gordon. Good to be here. Am already getting some useful pointers – do’s and don’ts. Looks like I’m going to purchase the QuickCam 3000 you pointed me towards.
  5. Yeah - tell me about it, Warthog. July usually sees us sitting out in the back garden at 10.30 at night - catching the last few rays of sunshine. Worse in Aberdeen though (where I'm from). I remember playing football during the July school holidays at 11.15 p.m! Mind you the result is that the viewing season up here runs from Sept-May!! 8)
  6. If you have a laptop, then a long exposure modified webcam would be ideal to start with and it would suit all three of your scopes. Maybe a second hand Meade LPI often found for sale on the buy/sell forums Thanks for this Phillip. Don't think I'll get involved with moving the primary mirror just yet! - walk b4 I can run, and all that! "Long exposure modified webcam" - I am looking at purchasing a Quickcam 3000 off the board here. Is this the sort of thing I should be looking at?
  7. James, I notice from your portfolio of equipment that you have the canon D300 DSLR and the TouCam. I have sought advice about getting started in astrophotography using DSLR and the D300 was mentioned more than once. Have you any examples, please, of planetary / lunar images you have taken with the D300? Also, with the Toucam? as I'm at the point of buying, it would be great to get an idea of what sort of thing to expect (and I'm NOT expecting HST images!!) Any help or pointers you feel able to provide - much appreciated!
  8. I have three scopes: a Meade ETX 70 GoTo; an Orion (US) SkyQuest 8” Dob (lovely light-bucket); and a SkyWatcher Explorer 130M. I t’s with this last that I expect to do most astro-photography. So any tips/hints .....
  9. Afternoon all. Was prompted to join by one of the guys running the forum. Looks like a great site. I live in Fife (duh!) and am looking to get into astrophotography. so be prepared for innumerable really, really basic (nay, idiotic) questions about equipment. :saturn:
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