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  1. The live view on the 7D and 5D MkII is brilliant for focussing on stars, the ability to use the x5 and x10 magnification means you can get the stars pin sharp without having to shoot any test shots.
  2. The impact of the overall image is stunning and then you look at the small details and it just gets better!
  3. It's possible that the moulding is fouling the camera body and not allowing the plug to be fully inserted. The plug is a standard 2.5mm stereo jack plug used on a lot of mp3 headsets and Maplins stock them. The connections are 3 wires, GND, Focus and Shutter ( Back, Ring, Tip) and changing the plug is very simple if you have a soldering iron. If you are pulling the plug almost all the way out I'm suprised it works at all because the GND connection is at the rear of the plug. If you have a multimeter it would be worth checking the remote is making the correct connections on the plug. i.e Half Press the back and ring shound connect, Full Press back, ring and tip will all connect.
  4. Arggggh I think I ordered the wrong nosepiece from FLO this morning, any chance of changing the order ?? Order ID: 11943 K Lewis, Gloucester
  5. I had considered that or possibly sacrifice an extension tube BUt I would prefer to just buy a mount if they exist.
  6. 3 cams received and flashed to the SPC 900 spec with zero problems, thank you Russ for the info on the front page. Now the fun begins! I want an adaptor that will allow me to put one of the webcams onto the back of a Canon 600mm f4L prime lens with an EF mount. Any suggestions? I'm guessing one of Waynes noses and ???
  7. The group was "Opus Zero" and the album was "Snowing in the Desert". I have an arrangement with them, I can use their music they can use my timelapses.
  8. with NR turned off it is worthwhile shooting a handful of darks i.e same exposure but with the lens cap on taken at the same time as the main sequence. Startrails.exe will then use the darks to improve the quality of the final image. Also preset the white balance to a daylight setting and preset the iso to manual say 400-800 to avoid changes in exposure.
  9. I've bought the Kendrick Firefly controller and heating straps for my lens and they work well off a small 12v 7Ah battery. They also make a Firelite system specifically for DSLRs but I found the power connector was too fragile for my taste.
  10. Mixture of clouds, stars and rain on Anglesey. I did try to play with Jupiter for all of 5 minutes but nothing doing.
  11. The end of the video is at about 0430-0500 so the airports were waking up again.
  12. see my response above I used Startrails.exe to compile the final photograph here http://stargazerslounge.com/photography/113598-penmon-point-lighthouse-star-trail.html
  13. It is beautiful especially because the lighthouse has light baffles on the land side to prevent the rotating light keeping people awake in some cottages nearby so it doesn't affect photography like most lighthouses would.
  14. sorry if this is in the wrong place but it seemed right to me. This is a timelapse video created from 2016 individual exposures over 6 hours compiled in Adobe AE and Premiere Pro. It's a view looking North over Penmon Point lighthouse on Anglesey on the 31st of August 2010. Ignoring the aircraft, although the con trails at the end are interesting, the number of satelittes and flares is fascinating (to me)
  15. This is probably one of the best descriptions of the principles involvedI want to use it to observe the pressure gradients on high speed projectiles
  16. This effect is exactly what I'm trying to photograph using high speed flash units
  17. Thank you merlin, I've dropped Oldham Optical an email.Kev
  18. Thank you merlin, the price goes through the roof lol. I'm guessing the specification of these mirrors is suitable for astro work where the slightest aberration isn't acceptable. With Schliren photography the quality of the mirror isn't that significant is there a cheaper alternative or do I need to just stop feeding the kids for a week?
  19. Thank you for the prompt response What are the benefits of the Enhanced Al coating over the uncoated finish (from a photographic point of view) ? I see they stop at 6" diameter is this typical? regards Kev
  20. Hi, my name is Kev and I thought I would come to the experts in mirrors to try and source one or two 6"-12" spherical mirrors with a focal length of 48-60". I'm trying to take some Schlieren photographs to observe pressure gradients in air moving at high speeds and finding suitable mirrors, new or second hand, is proving to be hard. Any advice or suggestions are very welcome best regards Kev Lewis Wildlife and Nature Photography by Photographer Kevin Lewis
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