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  1. OK. I'm fairly new to all this stuff. I read the OP and all the responses. I checked the linked examples. How many have actually tried this? I have. I have previously set up a scope in a glass greenhouse and had some pretty amazing, dry and warm viewing sessions. Seems to me that a lot of the responses in this thread are from people making assumptions. Get out there and try it. My experiences suggest that with single cheap greenhouse float glass there is little difference than being outside as long as the glass isn't filthy. I do accept that if you have really expensivive gear you might notice differences that I can't see with my limited budget equipment.
  2. This, if accurate, should be required viewing for anyone seaking to buy their first scope. Try the options your budget allows and have a look at what you can expect to see. Great tool. Thanks for the link.
  3. I bought a basic 3x barlow from this vendor and a Meade coated one via ebay. (used item). The Meade prooduct, whilst sturdier, gave a dim view that I can only ascribe to the coatings. The cheaper and basic unit from the vendor here produces much sharper and more contrasty(?) views. Neither items resemble the one in the original posters pic I must say. Just my observations.
  4. Many thanks to Nigel for shipping me this unit. There are some truly nice folk on this forum. Payment winging it's way to you later this week. Thank you again.
  5. OK. I'm fairly new to this lark also. They both uscrew? Both have same threads? Try it and see. You can always put them back the same I would have thought. BTW, please post and let me know the outcome if you do try this. I'm curious but not adventurous so you can test the approach for me. Lol
  6. ...and someone else here has been through the same it seems...http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/238953-phd-non-orthogonal-error/
  7. This link may well help you understand and then correct the error: http://www.company7.com/library/techin/orthogonality.html
  8. I built a small (114mm) newt and as well as using the calculators listed above, decided to set the mirrors up on a bench with some clamps and cheapo pipes to hold everything in place. I was then able to work out better where i should position the focuser before I took the drill to the carbon tubing I had acquired. The calculators were a fraction off and I was quite pleased to have been able to "mock" collimate everything and do a daytime focus test before I started drilling holes. For a tiny scope it performs very well and is better than my 130mm Meade goto for some things. Just need to get it onto a better mount now.
  9. Seen 30 plus tonight. Superb night. Saw loads of deep sky objects and managed while I was around Andromeda to catch a Perseid in the eyepiece, briefly of course. I really didn't want to come in tonight. Getting cold and I'm tired so had to call it a night. What a night though. Around 23:15 it was a really clear sky. Within an hour low cloud and sea mist came in and I thought that was it. I left the scope set up, spent around 30 minutes inside then went out again. Perfectly clear skies. I've just come back in about 10 minutes ago and it is now 2:30. Superb night for me. Seen loads of stuff I didn't expect to see that clearly and had the added bunus of Perseids. Does it get any better?
  10. Buy the fastest, most up to date you can afford with the largest amount of ram and the biggest storage. It will be out of date in c.3Months anyway. Windows 10 is where it is at. buying a Win 7 pc may suit some but support will be pulled at some point. I still run some pc's with Win95 and others with Win XP. You need to dive in somewhere and my first bit of advice is the best I can offer. Tony
  11. I"'m like a child in the biggest sweetshop possible. I swear my girlfriend and family think I'm weird." Sums the whole thing up perfectly. I guess that's how many get hooked. Got me that's for sure.
  12. Hi Laffing a lot here. A bit at your expense. Sorry. Great scope. Croydon and clear skies? Good luck with that. Too many blxxdy aeroplanes and stuff. You have a scope and setup many dream of. It will be a real pain trying to work out what you are actually seeing at first. Stick with it. Get a planosphere and find out how it works. The goto is superb. Many will tell you you should use a scope manually first blah blah blah and learn the skies. A goto, once properly set will help you learn the skies. Hope you keep going. Don't give up when you have no clue what you are looking at and keep asking the "experts" in this forum for advice. Tony
  13. Seen just one streaking across sky. And I do mean just one. Sky has been rubbish here for 2 nights. Peak for me is Tuesday for about 3 days. Hoping for less rain and clearer skies here.
  14. Hi I'm new to this forum too. I got a great welcome and have quickly found some very useful info and received some great advice. I'm sure you will too. Enjoy the forum and ask away. There's always plenty of advice. One note of caution: I saw someone mention intelligent people on here. Just don't count me in on that.
  15. Hi. Anything ever get organised for West Wales that anyone knows about? Thanks Tony
  16. This would suit very nicely Nigel. PM with how much you want for it and I reckon I'll modify that to do the job. I ended up using 6mm bolts like in a camera bellows system. Really not very smooth at all. I had thought of using this as is and possibly rough focusing then attaching a helical for fine focus. Trouble is, I don't have a hellical and they seem a bit pricey for the application.
  17. Saw loads last year. Looking straight up I didn't see that many. Adjusted to looking either side closer to the horizon Nth/Sth plane and caught loads more.
  18. Cool I'll be getting one of these then. Thanks for that.
  19. I'm fairly new to all this so I can relate a little with the feeling lost bit. I have a planosphere. Takes a bit of getting used to for a thicko like me. Best thing I have is Star Cafe on the PC along with Stellarium. I used the GPS on my blackberry to get my position then input that into the software. Helps a lot. My wife kept referring to one group of stars as The Plough. Once we found our way around a little I realised she was way off. I haven't told her yet. (Wimp I am).
  20. Nice. And a great price. I'm using a traditional foot long level with 3 level tubesin it at present. I think you could help me here as I'm fairly new to all this. If I used a round bubble level approach as you have, should I buy 3 and put one adjacent to each leg to get my mount level? Thanks in advance for any help here. :-)
  21. I'm fairly new to all this stuff. I personally have owned neither, (I have Meade and Plussar), but, from reviews and user comments about Russian type optics, if the one you have is in good condition it probably will out perform the Chinese one.
  22. Busy evening here. 3 attempts at replacing the rack with hard(ish) rubber were not all that successful. Turning the focuser up and down worked fine for the 1st few times then slippage sets in. I tried slightly higher profile rubber to allow for a bit of bedding in, but there just isn't an easy way I can see to get enough friction to make this work long term. It does work, but I don't expect it to last very long and I really don't want to keep taking the thing apart after each use and doing the work again. I've found a few different rubber rollers and am now working on removing the rack (well the new rubber versions I now have), smoothing out the focus tube and then using the rubber rollers in place of the worm gear. This will give me a friction roller against the focuser tube that I can control the tension on a little by adjusting the 4 screws that hold down the plastic plate that sits over the metal sprung shield above the worm. If I can't get enough tension I can always use some shims in there to space it a bit closer. Job for the morning I think.
  23. 1st things 1st. Don't rush into this. The focuser draw tube is very flimsy plastic on my version. I'm not sure about the one on the refractor series. The rack is glued to this tube (tube is 2" dia with a plastic scrwed on top to allow 1.25" eyepieces). The actual rack has very lightwieght alloy teeth (rubbish quality, hence stripped) and this is mounted on a thin plastic strip. It is made to look like it is all one piece of metal. If you try to remove it by prying or even sawing or pulling off with grips, there is a very real chance that the main focuser tube will split/crack and you'll have nothing to work with. Go slowly. I've removed my rack now from a spare scope and used a hacksaw and then a Dremmel type tool to grind down close to the focuser tube. I'll finsih this with emery paper tomorrow. I then plan to use an epoxy resin to glue to the focuser tube some quite hard sqaure section rubber that is the same size as the rack and the teeth assembly. I'm using what was once a seal around a double glazed over-bath shower screen.
  24. I knew it was a cheap scope but seriously, chrome over plastic? Like a kiddies toy. I'm working on this right now. Dweffo let you know how it goes. Thankfully I now have a decent refractor and a Meade 130mm newt that work well so I'm still ok if there is a clear night. :-)
  25. So I was busy playing with a Meade DS goto scope and adding cameras etc. Then I found the limit of the cheapo plastic chrome plated focuser gearing and managed to strip the threads with the extra weight attached. Really clever I'm not! I've trawled fleabay and the astro boot type sites globally and can find a few focusers that might fit but then again might not. I can't seem to find an original, or even a complete scope that I can butcher of the same type. I am wondering if anyone has attempted to remove the rack, which in this case appears to be glued to the focuser tube. If so, what did you replace it with? I'm considering removing the glued on rack and trying a Heath Robinson Crayford idea with the rack being replaced with a quite hard piece of square form rubber in it's place. I think the worm gear will gain enough friction against the rubber and may, if it works, provide a smoother focus operation than the original. Thoughts?
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