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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum. BTW the only silly/stupid questions are the unasked ones.
  2. You can learn a fair amount of astronomy by going out and checking out the heavens with just your eyes. Also get the book "Turn Left at Orion" and use it to help finding stars and constellations. And last welcome to the forum.
  3. I started the Orion course two days ago, finished last night. Enjoyed it but found I already knew most of what was presented. I've since signed up for the Moons course and looking forward to the gravity course.
  4. I haven't gotten it yet in spite of the number of people recommending it. Guess I'll have to go over to Barns & Noble and pick one up and see what the recommendations are all about.
  5. Welcome from across the big pond.
  6. Understood. Unfortuantely I have what I have and will have to live with it until (hopefully) I can get a scope that will allow decent DSO. I'm thinking of an 8" Schmidt-Cassagrain - Meade or Celestron but also with an equatorial mount instead of the Alt/Az I have now. (I think equatorial is correct). I am saving monthly until I can get a decent scope. It might take a couple of years unless I have enough to put down and pay the rest monthly though that is a dicey way to do it.
  7. My Orion StarShoot G3C (C for color) camera came today. The software is found at http://www.telescope.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=101501though it turned out I couldn't paste it into the address line. After a couple of times of that I decided to type it in. Worked fine that time. Downloaded the software then opened it. It turns out the software as it now stands won't install because it requires ASCOM 6 which apparently is not included. So beware. I finally went to the ASCOM site and downloaded V6.1 then Camera Studio installed ok. I was a bit concerned as to where ASCOM would be downloaded to but it turned out to be a non-issue.
  8. Welcome to the forum Carsten. Those things you made were they done using a printer?
  9. Ro3bert

    Hello Everyone

    Steve welcome to the forum from the eastern US.
  10. Welcome to the forum from across the pond.
  11. I was wondering about that. I did the same thing to align the RACI so will do the same with the Telrad (that is whenever there is a clear day).
  12. I hear through the grapevine that sometime in the future there will be a night of clear skies. Unfortunately that grapevine was badly muddied and tonight we are supposed to have ice pellets, rain and or snow or all of the above. Whatever falls won't stay around very long, while the next few nights will be freezing the days are going to be warm (relatively speaking that is). Got the Telrad on the scope tonight, just have to have a clear night so I can at least align it with the scope.
  13. Thanks. If worst comes to worst I can still rely on the goto handheld. Sometimes, now, I begin to think I should have gotten a refractor. Just kidding on a polar mount (is that correct?).
  14. Ro3bert

    hello, newbie here

    Keeny, welcome from someone across the pond in Connecticut. Pull up a chair, indulge yourself in a cup of coffee/tea, put your feet up and enjoy the view here.
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