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  1. Thank you for your hard work in producing this software,and providing it FREE!
  2. I just want to advise any prospective purchasers of a SW 130p on a altaz goto mount that the maximum altitude is about 70 degrees without fear of striking the tripod legs. Wish I'd known this before I bought it!
  3. Excuse my ignorance,but what is a 'star test'?
  4. Due to the nature of these Flexi-tube Dobs, eg: there must be a small amount of play when extending the tube,do they need collimating at every extension?
  5. My son has installed Stellarium onto my laptop. What a fantastic piece of modern technology. We entered our Lat & Lon coordinates, and I must say that I am truly amazed at the accurate position of the Moon in regards to my exact position in the garden. My only worry is that will Stellarium work without being connected to the interweb? We had the use of a wireless set for the interweb,but this is on a limited basis.
  6. All graphic solar system images printed on telescope packaging should be banned under the Trade Discription Act.(if it still exists )
  7. Good idea to have paper backups,gadgets usually fail when you need them most.
  8. At the end of the day, it seems that we should be Bi..... Oh blimey, here comes the nurse, time for bed!
  9. If you find pleasure in any method of washing yourself with the above....
  10. I enjoy this new technology, but that sudden 'WOW' i've found it, might be missing. If you ever printed your first photograph in a tray of chemicals under the dim light in a Darkroom..... Instant results ( barring processing ) with digital photography.... no 'WOW' Just my thoughts.
  11. Whilst playing around with my new toy,It occured to me that if many newcomers are purchasing 'Goto' systems, would the ability to even read a star chart be necessary? I'm no expert when it comes to reading sky maps, but I managed to find my way (most of the time ) with my old refractor and a planisphere. Foolhardy is the sailor who goes to sea, armed with only electronic navigational aids. Clear skies and good health to all.
  12. Clear skies for a 3rd night in a row, must be a record!

    1. MarsG76


      You just jinxed it with the mention of clear skies....

  13. Thanks for your replies. I had replaced the original 10mm with a TS Super Plossl 9mm which was a great improvement, just wondering if there was going to be any great difference between the original 25mm and the Super Plossl 25mm, being low mag. Sorry if my questions seem somewhat confusing, that's old age. I think that I will continual the TS way as and when funds allow. Good health to you all.
  14. My eyes are bitter and twisted through many years of social injustice. The question is : should I change the 25mm EP which was supplied with the telescope for a TS Plossl. Will it be a better quality EP?
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