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  1. I have now sold the CGEM mount and the TDM separately and it has been a pleasure doing business with each of these SGL members.
  2. My GGEM is available now. I guess that the EQ6R is not available for a month or so! Geoff
  3. This was my imaging rig for several years until I installed a C14/MX+ but I have hesitated to sell it because it served me so well. The F/10 scope has a carbon-fibre tube with XLT optical coatings, is mounted on an ADM saddle plate and is equipped with Bob’s Knobs for collimation. The mount is a CGEM with a maximum payload of 40lbs. It is computer controlled via the NextStar hand control. I connected it via USB to my laptop and also controlled it wirelessly using a Logitech Rumble Pad. Upgrade #1 to the mount was a Hypertune using components supplied by Ed Thomas of Deep Space
  4. I am staying at Les Grange with Olly to learn the basics of imaging. Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating and we are doing more theory than practice. However, last night we were blessed with a break in the clouds and were able to enjoy the glorious sky that is the norm in Provence. We set out to capture an image of the Beehive cluster before moonrise and with Olly's help I managed to take my first image which is attached. Hope you like it half as much as I do. Geoff
  5. Dave, I am in discussions with Alexanders about building me an observatory so if you have any customer feedback from your friends I should be grateful for sight of it, either in open forum or by PM. Geoff
  6. I was not comfortable with the idea of a tapered pier because I thought that vertical pressure from the overlying floor slab might be transmitted via the earth to the pier. For this reason I was planning vertical walls for the pier. Am I missing the point? Geoff
  7. Thanks again for the advice. It's even better that the opinions are unanimous about the benefits of isolation so I don't need to fret about making a decision. I was thinking about asking for recommendations on the size of the pier foundations but I am guessing that the answer will be "as large and deep as possible". Geoff
  8. Gentlemen, Thank you for your comprehensive advice. It seems that there is no easy way to mount a stable observatory telescope so I shall just have to make my plans to do it the hard way.
  9. I am planning to install a 12'x8'(incl 4'x8' warm room) ROR observatory this year and I am wondering about whether I need to isolate the pier from the floor slab. I shall probably be the only user, I shall mainly be doing short-duration CCD imaging and I wonder if this merits the bother of separate foundations for the telescope. I should be grateful for the advice of anybody who has mounted their scope pillar directly on the floor slab.
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