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  1. Great thank you, I'll try this method and hopefully get it sorted!
  2. Hey SGL, long time! I have recently started using my Celestron Skymasters again (been having some clear skies in Yorkshire recently) and I have noticed that the stars are doubling up through the binos. I have tried to pull apart the objective lenses (Front glass) with my hands while viewing and it fixed the issue. I have since resulted in stuffing a bit of cloth between the tubes to keep the lenses pulled apart. I guess my question is: Is there a more practical fix for these binoculars? Perhaps some accessory I can buy to place between the tubes of the binoculars and keep them further apart? Thanks! RR
  3. Saw it too yesterday flying over Shipley southwards looking east. Amazing sight.
  4. Hola! I've taken these snaps while on holiday (Calas de Mallorca), taking advantage of some clear and dark skies! I also brought my 15x70s (missus rolled eyes when I packed it in the suitcase ), had some really amazing views of the Moon, Pleiades (can see in one of the snaps), Jupiter, M31 and M42. I know these don't compare to some of the beautiful images posted on here, but I was excited to try my new Canon IXUS 220HS (which is a brilliant camera by the way if anyone is looking for a compact). I am just waiting and hoping they release a mod to unlock exposure and other features of the camera. Enjoy!
  5. I would second the idea of getting a decent pair of bins to get you started, I'm still frequently using my Celestrons, learning the sky and getting ready for my first telescope (which I research every day to find the right one!) Baring in mind my research began almost a year ago...
  6. All I can say is I am absolutely delighted with my 15x70s. Yes they are heavy and need a steady pair of hands (or better yet a tripod, as it comes with the L adapter in the box). Or if you've got a layback chair it's good too. Fantastic views with them too, great field of view and delivers bright images of star clusters. There's a tiny bit of chromatic aberration with terrestrial viewing but so far I've had no problems at night!
  7. I currently own a pair of Celestron 15x70s and they are great. Havn't invested in a tripod yet but I just use an outdoor lounger because your neck will start to hurt after 20 seconds with these beasts without support. Overall it is a great investment. The moon is fantastic, Andromeda and Orion are visible as grey smudges, M45 is also great through these binos. All viewed not far from Leeds centre, very light polluted (especially with this snow reflecting even more light, the sky is orange!) I definately learned my way around the night sky with them, can star hop easily now to find the common objects. Getting me ready for my first telescope for sure RR
  8. Hi Chris, Double vision is usually caused by improper alignment of the Objective lens, they are either pointing too much inward/outward hence giving you double vision (like when you cross your eyes). Have your binos been dropped or knocked? Something must have moved them out of alignment! RR
  9. Hello, I have finally had a go at looking at the sky tonight with the Celestron 15x70 binoculars, the clouds were kind enough to give way for some nice viewing. Since the moon is the brightest thing in the sky tonight, it was a good focusing point for the binos, then a little to the right Jupiter showed off the moons for me! And of course the M31 produced a nice grey smudge in the sky! Exactly how I pictured it would look through the binos. This will definately keep me occupied until I get the SkyWatcher 150PL! Is there anything I should look out for in the night sky that will produce a nice view with these binoculars? Will the Orion be visible at all (even if it is just another smudge)? Another thing I came across while searching for the M31 was a star moving really quickly across the sky, I kept track of it for about 40seconds, what could that be? (my first guess it was a satellite... or am I dreaming?)
  10. I wouldn't expect this to happen to brand new binos though, and they came in a well sealed box with plastic balls in the outer box. I have figured out the problem though, the main front lens barrels unscrew, the problem is that they point too much inward, giving me a double vision, when I gently pull the main barrels apart the image becomes one.
  11. Hello, I just recieved my Helios 16x50 binos from FLO and they seem to be faulty, I see double vision through them no matter how I adjust them. Width, focus, right eyepiece focus, nothing seems to work. I've sent an email to FLO with the issue and just wondered if there is anything I could try while I wait. What I see What I should see I'll ask a few of my mates to try it and see if they experience the same thing, might be my eyes you never know.
  12. Forgot I took a picture of the Spanish moon while over there through that refractor, using 20mm EP. Not great of course considering a cheap telescope and sony ericsson camera phone My first ever astro image nonetheless! Can't wait to view the moon through the 150PL, if England is kind to me of course...
  13. Hey, thanks for all your suggestions. hoobz Nice to hear it's doing you good, I'm seriously set on this telescope. How's the mount on that thing vibration-wise, is it pretty sterdy? I feel you on the whole cloud thing, I came back from Spain two days ago from 35 degrees to rain, wind and cold within two hours... ah I love England. AS for imaging, I think I will reserve that for a different telescope way into the future. Perhaps a Schmidt, can't think about that now, I'm talking years ahead. I think I'm going to be more than happy doing amateur observing for now. What do you normally do when it comes to reversed/fliped views you get through telescopes, is there equipment to reverse/flip views back to their original? Not a big problem though I'm just curious.
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