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  1. Thanks for the reply. I am expecting my binoculars in my mailbox today! The blue moon last night was magnificent and I wish I had the binos for the viewing last night. The scope is still being researched and not purchased quite yet.
  2. Dobsonian telescopes need a flat surface to be set up on? Tough to use on a campsite?
  3. Thanks for all of the advice... I will have to see some of these in person. I will try to get down to a shop this week
  4. It comes with 22 hour batt pack and Costco will take hassle free returns.
  5. Is this something i should look at. Priced lightly used $150 http://www.amazon.ca/Celestron-31051-AstroMaster-130EQ-Telescope/dp/B0013Z42AK
  6. I am sure it has been covered here a thousand times before, but a brief one minute search showed different results than my query specifics. I am looking for a telescope to drive out to the mountains with. My wife and I have never owned one before... Let alone used one. I have read a person should start with binoculars but I disagree with the idea of buying things twice. I would rather put the binocular money into the telescope fund. Anyways, I am after the following; Semi portable (have a small suv and would need to bring other gear) Ease of use (if the learning curve is huge than my wife will give up) Affordability- less than $500 CAD I have read good things about the Dobsonians but they seem pretty large to carry around. We really want to see the moon and of course Mars and Saturn...Jupiter would be a treat. Please advise!
  7. How old would a telescope like this be? Is there any tips on inspecting before buying?
  8. 8" Bosch and Lomb Dynamax Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope. 3 Eye pieces and a Barlow Lense one 30mm, one 19mm televue Wide Field and one 18mm one B&L Camera Adapter and one Canon T-Ring and one ext tube Tripod and attatchment Excellent Condition $300
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