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  1. can I get deep sky images with this telescope with a better camera or will I be wasting my money on a new camera? Thanks
  2. Thank you so much. I'm looking right now for those two camera's.
  3. I've tried to take some deep sky image pictures but not sure what I am seeing. When I am looking through my telescope (celestron 5SE) for deep sky images, will I see through the eyepieces the same as what the camera is going to see? What size eyepiece should I be using for deep sky images? This is my first year doing all this and I'm loving it. your help would be great appreciated . I have spent tons of hours trying. Thanks
  4. What do I need to do to get deep sky images? I knew to this. I've taken pictures of Saturn, Jupiter, and the moon and got pretty good ones. When it comes to deep sky I don't know where and how to start. I don't see anything when I take pictures.
  5. I love all this. I can't get enough. I just get so frustrated when I try to get pictures and they don't work. I spend so much time outside. I think I need to spend the money on a different camera. What do you all think? What is a great camera for not tons of money?
  6. I took several of them at 8:00 pm central time. What is confusing me is that I had a remote on my camera but the thing on the left moved in every photo.
  7. did you see my pictures? What moon is that on the left of Jupiter that you see then? Why does it move within a minute and half when I took about 8 pictures? That was the only one that moved. That is whats confusing me. I knew at all this. Thanks so much.
  8. I took several pictures of Jupiter Saturday night. On about 10 of them It looks like one of the moons on the left is alot bigger than the others or is it something else. It kind of looks like a planet. Can someone tell me what this is please? I'm going to put them on my album. Thanks FirstStar19
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