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  1. Hope you get down Col and well done in seeing the meteor Saturday night, bet your glad you were travelling at the time
  2. had a quick check on Google and looked at this from Kieldar Observatory...The News seems it may have landed in the sea, shame I missed it, thanks to cloud cover, but am pleased there were some with clear skies who did.
  3. Thank you Paul and Nigel, only just seen your posts. Will see you on Monday night Best Wishes
  4. Great stuff Tom, looks like you timed it perfectly. Dark skies are such a treat to observe from, guess the meteor must have looked outstanding from the location you picked.
  5. Heck I missed this! Been clouded out for the past few hours. Looks like quite a few members did so well done you lucky blighters :)
  6. Hi Miranda, you can check it using Stellarium just go to location and set it to your latitude and longitude. Observing it at a location with a flat western horizon will help too.
  7. well done Irvine, the dob will give some fantastic views of many jewels of the night sky. Glad you view of Mars impoved this time around
  8. nice to read you had a chance to test it straight out of the box enjoy the views
  9. Nexus 6


    think you put it very well with that statement. it has to be the one planet to give that feeling of. ... wow... that really is out of this world!
  10. Hi shellfish, what did you order? we hate being kept in suspense on the forum. ;)
  11. Looks a lovely piece of kit Peter. Are you intending some Imaging with it or did you buy it as a handy grab and go option? Heck, should try reading the thread topic more often... no need to reply.
  12. Edit to my post, I should have also said, I did not find it to be too bright, I prefer not to use any filters when observing most objects, a symptom of using TV eyepieces perhaps. The view given was crisp and well defined once focused well.
  13. Agree with the comments on the surface detail showing well, it was my best night observing Mars since I looked though a telescope. Around 10.00pm, by which time the 925 had been cooling down for 5 hours and Mars rising well, I had another long view of it and I was making out Syrtis Major along with some patchy tones of brown with some smaller areas giving off strong dark tones, one line was running along the inside edge of the Western limb. I am surprised how well detail appeared to me after recent observations only showing the Northern Polar region. Stuck with the 13mm ep all night. Dew has put pay to any more observing for me, what a contrast from last Friday when the telescope was out for around 8 hours with no sign of it to be seen. Am very happy to have observed it showing so nicely, shame we have to wait around 5/6 years for it to get up close and personnel, it will surely be one majestic sight.
  14. summed it up Kim, a visit to a local group would be a worthy exercise for helping to decide what to buy next. More opinions and the chance to test for yourself are cost saving of course, if you do not wish to hang on then I would imagine many here on SGL will recommend BST Explorers as a great choice to use with your dobsonian Michael.
  15. I have been looking for the past couple of hours as my 925 tracks it, as it has risen higher and the 925 has cooled down I have had some pleasant views although conditions are not as good as last weekend, power is at 180x using my 13mm Ethos. Good luck with your observations Irvine
  16. That is very useful NGC1337, thanks for taking the time write it up and post it here on SGL
  17. phew, close one there SP. I did read on here a while back that the bottom fell out of one of the maplins cases. Pleased to read there was no damage to your eyepieces
  18. I believe you need to do a star alignment before you use the telescope via Stellarium Steve or at least that is how I have to set it via my 925. I would also make sure you are feeding it power that is smooth and stable so if your using a portable source make sure its charged up. Poor supply power can send a go to a bit like a Hal 9000, it just wants to do what it wants and that's that.
  19. have to agree with the other comments..an outstanding list Mark. Wonder how many civilizations, past and present, may have been within the galaxies you've observed? or I am the only one who see's this as one reason why they are so captivating?
  20. Congratulations Jamie. Yes, do get excited by it! ...nothing beats the delivery of some new kit does it? well apart from actually being able to get out there to use it.
  21. must have been something to see. If there was one event to see during a lifetime, a bright comet must rank up there with the best of them. sadly, I had no interest back then in astronomy, no doubt it would have been travelling right above my head and I was none the wiser!
  22. Aaaa that's better Rob. Did not see any dilemma in showing the forum a high quality set of eyepieces. Superb set. Thank You
  23. For such a relatively small object it does pack a punch with its luminosity and colour, I was amazed to hear Pete Lawrence say on S@N it can appear brighter than Jupiter on occasions. Must be a fine sight on such nights
  24. Nice set Rob. I can see why you have chosen such a range but as you say, we never quite seem to complete the collection and so decide on the next one to try out or at least thinking about it. Any chance you could turn the pic around?
  25. Saturn is the wow object for me, simply amazing
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