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  1. Hi to all on SGL I was hoping to get some advice on using an alternative to the mains power supply that I am currently using (Maplin Universal Regulated switch mode power supply. I now have 2 scopes and wondered if there is a unit that i could buy that would power them both. The length of the cables would have to be 4 and 8 metres to the scopes with power coming from my garage. Thanks, Alan Hope we get some clear skies soon! Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen /Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  2. One thing I can same about EPs is go for the quality you can afford. I only really appreciated this after having used my first scope for about a year ( Celestron Nextstar 6se ) It came with the 25mm E-Lux and I bought a 32mm plossle and a 6.3mm plossle. Being a novice I was thrilled to see my first views of the cosmos but wondered if I would get better views if I bought some higher quality EPs. After a bit of deliberation I purchased a Vixen 40mm widefield. Money well spent I thought, in comparison to the 40mm E-Lux that came with my cpc 925 the views are superb. I then filled the gap in the range of EPs I use and went and acquired three Televue EPs,Nagler 9mm Type 6,Radian 12 and 18mm. I know using a Barlow lens could have saved me from buying a couple of them but having used a Celestron Omni barlow I preferred cutting out that link to give more power. I am now really pleased with the views I get and in the very few occasions I have been out in past few months have been lucky,due to excellent seeing,to have had some wondrous views using them. Good Luck with your new choice, Hope we all get some clear skies soon! Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  3. I have been wondering how I could achieve better focus with my Celestron cpc 925. Anyone using a similar scope and what type of focuser do you recommend? Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  4. Good luck with the camera Space bat. The EOS software package that you get with it is great think it will keep you busy for a while! Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  5. Many thanks Roger. Think I will do a few mods. Hoping we get some clear nighs. Alan
  6. Hi spacebats. Wondered how much to tighten the clutches. Will see if it makes any difference. Alan
  7. Thanks for the response ron. Seems a shame to waste the chance to get a few shots of Mars as it wont get this close again for a while. Alan
  8. I want to try imaging using my Canon 1000D with my Celestron cpc 925 and want to control it all on my pc. My question is how much control do you have? Also can I run signals over a 15m lengh? I know that the scope is not really ideal being on ALT/AZ mount but just thought I would have a go at Mars and Saturn, if the skies ever clear! Thanks Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  9. Hi Brinders Thanks for the up date. Seems this is almost a normal occurrence with the cpc series. At this rate mine is gonna seize up,due to lack of use! Now were have I heard that before? Hi to all who posted on this thread. Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D;)
  10. Good to see the responses to this thread. I feel more at ease and now think that I dont need to worry that I may have bought a faulty or damaged scope. Now any advice about this damned weather?!!!!
  11. Got my Celestron cpc 925 insured with household insurance but had to pay premium. Better check on what happens if observing away from home!
  12. I agree with Wizz. If you want to do mainly visual observing then the combination of a good quality scope together with good quality EPs is very rewarding Being a noviice myself I decided this was the to start. I have had a go with the photography side of things but still prefer seeing for myself. Good luck with whatever scope you go for. Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  13. I bought pair of Bresser 10×50 binos after buying my first scope just as an aid to helping me learn the night sky from a different perspective and they certainly helped. As has been mentioned above their very handy if you just want to have a browse rather than setting up a scope. The weather being what it is means you may only get short window to do any observing. Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  14. Hi Brinders Interested to see your post as i was going to do the same!Bought my cpc 925 only 3 months ago and with the limited times I have used it (due to this terrible spell of weather!) I noticed the same thing. I thought maybe it was down to my moving it to set up its some weight when compared to my Celestron Nextstar 6se. Not sure I want to have to return it but wonder if this problem will get worse. Shame really, apart from that its a brilliant mount and scope. Interested to see what you do Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  15. Hi johnrt welcome to SGL looks like a fine choice of kit to get into astronomy with. Being someone who has only been observing 18 months I pondered over what type of scope I should go for to start with but hope to purchase a similar choice as yourself sometime in the future. For now I am enjoying the views I get with my current equipment. Good luck Hope the skies clear for for you! Alan Celestron cpc 925 Alt/Az Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  16. Had my 1000D for 6 months not had any problems with it. Bought brand new from warehouse express. Not only is it the camera of choice for a lot of people for its astrophotography uses but is also an excellent camera for taking everyday shots. Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  17. Good to see the views on David Hinds. I was slightly concerned were it might leave me with regards support having bought the Celestron cpc 925 very recently (my second scope from them) Also purchased quite a few other items. I tend to try and buy as often as I can from the same supplier, when you are spending thousands of pounds its good to feel you can TRUST who your dealing with. I have only been using SGL for a few months and have noticed some indifferent views on certain companies which has put me off buying from them. Time to use First Light Optics for all future purchases I wish all at David Hinds thanks for all their help and advice over the last couple of years Alan
  18. Hi to all on SGL I posted a thread mid december hoping I might get to meet anyone living close to my location with a view to getting an opinion and a comparison of my kit and just to get out and observe. Interested? My location is North Lincs Celestron cpc 925 Celestron 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000d Thanks Alan
  19. Hi Frequency 777 I am not familiar with your other choice but I do know the 6se having used one for 18 months now(my first scope). I wanted to use a GoTo type set up as a way of helping me learn the night sky and I feel it has helped me enormously.Once I got used to setting up and using it and with several additions(dew shield,portable power source,good quality EPs)I have got nothing but praise for it.Views under favourable seeing have been excellent on both Solar system and DSO's.Tracking is good although on Alt/Az its not suitable for Astrophotography. I recently bought the Celestron cpc 925 which is not an easy scope to transport so for the time being I will be keeping my 6se. Good luck with whichever one you choose! Celestron cpc 925 Celestron 6se Vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  20. Hi Dug Been using the 6se for 18 months now. Once I got to grips with it (which took a good few months!) and did a bit of research plus advice I was given led me to believe that good quality EPs are a better way to give one a better view. Give yourself a bit of time to get used to your scope if you know anyone with an eyepiece or two you could use then that should help you. Happy stargazing! Alan
  21. Thanks for the response to my query. I will give it a week or two and make a purchase.The 6se is a great scope especially due being portable so a portable power source is crucial. I use mains supply for my cpc 925 not an easy scope to transport so its the backgarden if we get any clear nights! Best wishes for 2010 to you all Alan
  22. Any advice as to how I can replace my Celestron 17amp power tank battery? It has drained and looks like I have left it to long between charges. After seeing the thread by James I put It on charge for 24 hours and tested it on my Celestron Nexstar 6se.I ran out of power after 5 minutes! Think I might need to replace the battery or acquire an alternative form of portable power. Any advice or tips? Thanks Alan Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nexstar 6se vixen/Televue EPs Canon 1000D
  23. Hi,from ajfdab I am looking to get together with anyone who may live in my local area BARTON UPON HUMBER NORTH LINCOLNSHIRE to do observing (if this terrible weather ever changes !) I am fortunate in having a fairly dark site were I live and it would be great to get some other opinions on my current kit or to evacuate some alternatives. Equipment Celestron cpc 925 Celestron Nextstar 6se Vixen/Televue Eyepices Canon 1000D
  24. Hi to every one.Thanks the info on collimation.I have used my 925 three times since I bought it and have been careful to let it settle down to negate any thermal issues.There is a definite skewing off when I focus through a star.I am pretty sure I should adjust the the optics.Its heavy piece of kit and I can just about manage it on my own so I did wonder if I may be knocking the alignment out slightly when I move it.I would also like to ask if my garage is a better place to keep this scope rather than a conservatory. Hoping for a sustained clear period to get out and put this scope though its paces!
  25. Hoping I might be able to get advice on weather i need to collimate my new scope.Never done any adjustments like this before and was advised not to attempt it on an sct.Just feel the view on stars is not as sharp as it could be.Bought this scope at the start of November not had much opportunity to use it due the weather(who has?)
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